Friday, May 4, 2007

10 Things

1. The Girl's Next Door. How can I even begin to explain my love for this show? I really think I would like to drink with these ladies. At first I wasn't convinced, but the more I watch it the more I like them.

2. Jellied Cranberry Sauce. It only recently occurred to me that this can-shaped delight is available year-round, not just at Thanksgiving. I am eating it by the can as I ogle over Holly, Bridget, and Kendra.

3. Panacea. The only word I wasn't able to define during a language test Stanford gave me during our trip there for the Fragile X study. It really irked me because I could pronounce it, I knew I has heard it and read it and understood it, but I just couldn't think of what it meant. Roar. It means a cure for all diseases and problems. I won't forget it now.

4. Elmo's Potty Time. One of many movies the punkin is addicted to watching, and I am addicted to letting him watch so that I can do things like make dinner and blog and wash dishes in peace. OH--and even better than discussing peepee and poopoo-- Veggie Tale's Lord of the Beans. It's a veggie farce of The Lord of the Rings. Right now we're watching Finding Nemo. And even though I've watched it every day for four days, I still giggle every time they call the boat a butt. "I'm gonna go touch the butt!"

5. Ice cream out of a plastic cup. Similar to beer out of a plastic cup, it just tastes better. Try it. I think the chocolate syrup distributes itself a little differently. Plastic, though. Not styrofoam.

6. Sponge Bob Macaroni and Cheese. Like the ice cream and beer, the basic product is the same as the original, but it's just CHEESIER. I think it has to do with the noodles. More cheesy crevices or something.

7. The Dollar Store. These things are genious! I bought the punkin 5 books, a coloring book, bubbles, and myself some wrapping paper for less than $10. There is no excuse for parents not to buy books for their kids when they are this cheap.

8. DHS Mommy. I am $40 over the limit to receive food stamps and struggling to figure out how to budget for groceries.

9. Dance. David's latest amusement. I imagine him thinking "Look what I can get my mommy to do!" He dances, then I have to dance. Now we've added "freeze" and "spin" to the game. Why am I paying for a gym membership?

10. Nuk is for night-night. My daily mantra, as much to convince me as it is to convince punkin that he does not need his plastic piece-0-heaven every second of the day.


Jennie said...

I LOVE YOU!!!! I wish you bliss and easy life.

Sarah said...

last night i watched almost an entire episode of girls next door, and i can see how addicting it is!

i'm glad that you have a blog, because even though i miss you i am REALLY bad about keeping touch.