Thursday, May 17, 2007

by popular demand: the poop shirt story

So this one time my friender LauraV called and said we should go to the park with Punkin'. So after loading up our water bottles and saturating the pale-as-his-momma kiddo in sunblock, we headed out. After enjoying the swings (For about 2 seconds--the slide is way cooler, mom. It's what all the big kids are doing! Come on, get me outta this thing!) we made our way to the slides and the climbing toys. After I had fourteen mini heart attacks following him around, we decided it was time for a leisurely walk around the park in the stroller. Now, I am all for people loving their doggies and taking their doggies to the park and blah blah schma schma schma. But seriously, could You Please Be Bothered To Bring Some Baggies For The Offensive Excrament. Because when you don't, people who are walking their kiddos in strollers roll over said poo and don't realize it and fold up the stroller and it gets all over their shirt and they have to make an emergency run to their friend's house who happens to be having a very important phone call but lets you in anyway to loan you a new, non-pooey shirt because you live about 20 minutes away from the park and you and your friender LauraV want to stop and buy wine and Taco Johns on the way home.

And then, about two weeks later, you open up your trunk and are greeted with a delightful aroma--The Poop Shirt.


Jennie said...

Ew. I have a similar story, only it ends with my barn coat smelling like cat piss.

Linda said...

ick! How long exactly did it take the smell in the car to go away????