Thursday, May 3, 2007

punkin's mom

the thing is, i keep reading other people's blogs all day long and i think about what i would say on my blog and how it would be so freeing and uplifting to type to no one. so here i am. unable to think of even one brilliant thing to say.

i am twenty four years old. i live in a one bedroom apartment with my two-year-old masterpiece (a boy) whom i will call punkin. punkin has fragile x syndrome. actually, i have it too, but it affects me in much milder ways than him. most people don't know what it is, so it's okay if you don't. but it's not okay to keep on not knowing. so go to the link already. it very well may affect you some day.

i am a single mom. don't start pitying me, though. i chose to be a single mom. i could be in an awful marriage right now if i had chosen that. but i didn't. i broke off the wedding, and i haven't thought twice about it. so don't get mad at his dad for leaving me when i got knocked up. i left him. and yes, i do have a college degree. so don't ask me how much school i have left. i was lucky. it happened at the end of college. and don't ever judge any mom for choosing her baby over her education because i don't know how they do both.

i am a writer, though you may doubt that right now because of my ineffective ramblings. but this is a new blog, and i need time to warm up. oh, and sometimes capital letters seem too foreboding. that's why they are absent. i'm not lazy, and i'm not trying to be e.e. cummings. i'll probably use capital letters a different day. but not tonight.

i am a teacher's aide in a special ed preschool room. so basically between work and punkin i change diapers, teach sign, attempt to change problem behaviors, clean, and do laundry all day. but i only work from 7am to 2pm, and on thursdays in the summer we swim in little kiddy pools all day. it's really not that rough.

my dream job would be to edit other people's writing all day. help them say what they really want to say. i do not want to stay home with punkin all day, though i miss him big most days at work, cause i'm pretty sure we'd drive each other crazy.

i'd also like to teach parents how to work with their kids on learning language skills and managing behavior. but i think i would become angry and discouraged very quickly because of the children's parents. people tell me i should be a teacher, but i don't know. i don't think i have thick enough skin.

oh--the name of the blog. well, in college i used to barge into my bff's dorm room (next door) and "Roar" (literally) about life. one day she called me lion. and i called her the other lion. because she "Roared" back. but then if i wrote her a note or addressed her, she was lion and i was the other lion. get it? so we're both "the other lion." shutup i don't care if you don't get it.


Jennie said...

You are my best, best, BEST barbie ever - I am so glad you're my friend. I think your blog is wonderful, especially the part about e.e.cummings.

Laura said...

I love you, and I love your blog name, and I love your blog. You are my hero, and I don't mean that flippantly the way it's usually tossed out. You really are. Your voice is going to reach millions of people one day--I know it.

Uncle Bob said...

Great start to your blog. I enjoyed reading it. Keep it up.

SB said...

you totally ROCK, OL...