Friday, May 25, 2007

the good, the bad, and the ugly

GOOD: The "cozy corner" at the little guy's school is working out great. He is going there to chill out, and he even has tons of fun working on fine motor and related skills with his teacher over there. Everyone is getting happier.
BAD: In addition to getting bit today, he fell and bit his lip. Ducky got all bloody cause he chewed on him, and then my beautiful white sweater got all bloody. Nice.
BAD: So today I got to be three people at work. I love that. I am an aide in a 3,4,5 special ed room. We only have 9 kids (8 today since one of them barfed repeatedly in front of me yesterday). We are also supposed to have 2 aides in the room, but since one left in March to get married, we only have the lovely me. Anyway, the teacher was gone today, and we had a sub. There are two types of subs. There are those who come in and sort of follow the lesson plan throughout the day, either because they don't understand the plans or because they want to do their own thing. And there are those who come in, glance at the lesson plan, and decide to sit back and "follow your lead." That is code for, "I have no intention of working today. I will not be referring to this paper again at any point today." So I got to be the teacher, the aide who is missing, and myself. At least the day went quickly. And maybe I wouldn't have cared so much, but the kids were insane. INSANE. Their limbs were flying everywhere. Their voices had no mute button--or even a little bit of volume control. And they whined. "He took it from me. He looked at me weird. It smells in the bathroom."
GOOD: It's a three-day weekend. Hooray!
GOOD: Fabulous respite workers! She even washed the supper dishes. And David clearly liked her because she said he came over and sat on top of her while they watched Toy Story. So cute.
GOOD: I played volleyball--first time in about a year. It was sand volleyball at a very ... er, interesting bar. Whenever I go there I think of the line from Sweet Home Alabama, "You have a baby. In a bar." You get the idea. Lots of mullets. (That's the ugly.) We didn't win, but it was way fun and some good exercise.
BAD: Serious anxiety overtaking my brain! But I have lots of people to lean on, so no big worries, really.
BAD: The vacuumn sucks, or rather doesn't.
GOOD: It is bedtime!
UGLY: My arm after playing sand volleyball. I think I may need an iron supplement. It is not pretty.


Emily said...

I love you. Soak the sweater in bleach. is time to get a new ducky has been nasty for quite some time now. Talk about 3 people in I a youth director, event planner, travel coordinator, spiritual guide, Sunday school teacher, or just crazy? And honey...I sure get the sub thing! I think playing volleyball at a questionable venue sounds delightful and am sorry I wasn't there to see you attempt to play a sport! What's with the anxiety? Call me

Laura said...

I love you. Will you write a picture book for me called, "The Vacuum Sucks. Or Rather, Doesn't"? Because that would be amazing. I have vowed never to play volleyball again, but Chris did pick up two free tennis rackets from my mom's husband this weekend, so I guess I am going to have to learn how to whack a ball in one capacity or another. Whoa. That sounded really wrong.