Wednesday, May 23, 2007

hump day

I gotta say that The Idol Golden Awards may be the highlight of my night.

I had the big parent-teacher conference today. Isn't that funny--he is 28 months old and he has a parent-teacher conference! When he was six weeks old and starting preschool, he even had a locker! I would post a picture of said locker, except that it is on the broken computer. =( No worries--all info and pics are salvagable, I just need to bug the guy who said he would do it for me.) Anyway, his conference went well. Of course it lasted about 40 minutes because I can't shutup. But I like the system they use to evaluate kids. It includes pictures of them in the classroom demonstrating various skills. I have one from 4 months, 8 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, and now. Very cool to see all of the changes, and get a glimpse of his day. And even though he wasn't meeting most of the milestones, the overall tone was very positive and all of the pictures showed him being successful. The language of the report is very accessible, and the format is easy to follow. Much easier than the reports from psychologists, I must admit!

Anyone want to give me a new job? Something with benefits and no weekends and a chance to use the pricey college tuition for which I am still paying? And perhaps a decent salary to pay off said tuition. I have a degree in English and History (okay, you can chuckle) and a minor in Women's Studies (did I hear you snort while you laughed?). I know, I least it's not philosophy. =) (Seriously, stop laughing at me! I don't wanna go back to school. No no no no. No.)

Later gators,
the other lion


Minivan Mom said...

Hi! :)

I remember I had a student with Fragile X on my caseload when I was a school counselor. He was quite honestly one of the funniest, most insightful, honest young men I met in the high school. He suffered no fools, and used to crack me up! He had this very dry sense of humor, and was very insightful. I'm smiling just thinking about him.

Thanks for signing my blog!

Jennie said...

Oh! I'm so glad that you and Mrs. Minivan hooked up! You have the same blogging tone.

MOVE OUT HERE! I will get you a job!!!! I use my English degree and get paid enough to pay off my expensive education. MOVE OUT HERE. I miss you.

cws said...

I absolutely love the Idol Golden Awards too. I was so happy that the two guys won the couples award. They were so cute.

Glad the conference went well. It's nice to hear from the people who work with your son daily instead of the ones who just see him as a patient. I used to always leave the doctors office teary cuz of how bad they made my child sound. But the schools seem to show you how great your child really is doing.