Saturday, May 19, 2007

little miracles

The kiddo just imitated the kids on Little Einsteins! All of the sudden I hear "ahhhhhhhhhh," and I look over and he has his hands in the air. And I look at the TV, and the little blonde girl has her hands in the air and is saying "ahhhh." I think they were helping Purple Plane fly. So cute.
Thursday he held up a blue shape from the shape sorter and said, "blue." A fluke? I don't know, but we sure celebrated anyway! Everything was blue after that!

This crazy contraption was on sale. Lights up and spins. Need I say more?


Linda said...

everything that lights up and spins is in my house - if it's on sale, I get it - store it, and when the one in use dies or breaks, I have a new one, better one, different one and the kids love it!

Yeah for your little miracles! I LOVE Little Einsteins, lol~

Kristiem10 said...

My kids totally love those spin lights. And, Blake loves Little Einsteins. He loves to pat his legs to make the rocket go.