Monday, May 21, 2007

monday monday

Look at my poor, pasty leg!

And you thought I was exaggerating--this is what my son does to me in church! I've wised-up and taken to removing his shoes (and socks because he insists) whenever I have to contain him like that because he has big feet and strong legs. Low muscle tone my butt. That kid can kick!

Apparently Punkin felt he needed to defend himself: gbk,op'[;p;yuhjerdcrwdi['p;

But I am a good mommy. I even cooked! From scratch--there were no bags or boxes or cans involved! I even sliced a pineapple! Check it out:


Zora said...

so, I will send you a comment. Nice bruise. I hope it heals quickly. P.S. my boyfriend said the next computer he wants is a laptop - but he thinks a mac...interesting

Sarah said...

ouch! what a bruise!


cws said...

owee!! Mathieu is like that too. He is one touch kiddo!! The older he gets the harder it is to get that boy down. I'm with you...low tone...HA!!