Sunday, May 20, 2007

not sure what to say today

Very chill day, really. Went to church. I wish I could find adequate words to describe Punkin's behavior during church. Some days, like today, there are no words. Fidgety. No--that's too mellow. Crazy is a strong possibility. Exhausting--that describes the effect on me. ? ? ? Busy. But doing what? He wasn't playing. Hmmm. Busy spazzing out. Busy looking like that scene in Tommy Boy where they crash the car on purpose, get out and scream "the bees, the bees!" and smack themselves in the face and kick their legs and flail their arms everywhere so that the police are too afraid to approach them. Kinda like that. But on my lap. And then he wanted to go up for the children's message. And I thought it would be good for him to get out of his seat. So we're up there and he goes "pooped" and does his little "i just pooped shiver." Right up there in front of the altar. Nice.
After church I ate a delicious club sandwich at Wendy's and we went home to nap. Then I did some laundry and spent a bunch of money at the grocery store. $14 for a box of 80 Luvs diapers. I love it!
Now he's supposed to be sleeping, but he keeps coming out to check on me. I wish I could help him calm down. I just don't know what else to do! AHHH.
Okay, have a good Monday all.


Jennie said...

Ebbyfing will be okay. He is generally happy and healthy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,

My name is Andrea and I'm working on a fun project for LUVS diapers & their new bear hug stretch feature. I read on your blog that you like using the product, so I wanted to personally reach out to you.

I couldn't find your email address, and wanted to know if you were interested in hearing more.

Please let me know. Take care!


Anonymous said...

My email address is

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.