Wednesday, May 16, 2007


So just as I finished writing to his teacher, "He went to bed easier tonight, so hopefully that is a good sign for tomorrow," I heard "thumpthumpthumpthump" from him hitting his heals against the wall in the bedroom. Turkey. Maybe I should call him Turkey instead of Punkin'. Still a Thanksgiving theme, but perhaps a bit more fitting. My mom says it's payback.

I guess he's claimed a specific yellow triangle on the circle carpet at school. Whether someone told him to sit there at some point or he just saw in it a potential that the orange squares, green circles, and other yellow triangles were missing, he chose it for his own. And ya better not try and sit there. Cause my guy ain't backing down from his yellow triangle. Uh uh no way. (BTW, no one has an assigned seat on the carpet. He is seriously doing this to himself.)


Jennie said...

But lady, that's MY yellow triangle!

Leanne said...

LOL - Justin answers to the name 'Turkey' - he even gobbles when I ask him if he's my little turkey. What funny boys we have. :)