Tuesday, May 22, 2007

seriously, how am i gaining so much weight?

If I am constantly chasing the Kiddo, lifting him up (32 pounds) to put him back into bed (his mattress must be extra springy--he just keeps bouncing back up!), and bouncing on his therapy ball, why am I growing in years and pant sizes? I think part of it is that he eats slower now and needs less help than he used to, freeing up more time for me to shovel it down and get seconds before my body has time to realize it's full. The other part remains a mystery--it couldn't possibly be the cheese balls and beer. Everyone knows the alcohol kills the calories and you share the cheese balls, making them 1/3 less fat. Duh. So clearly it is some freak condition for which there is a cheap, one-time pill I can take to make it all go away. =)

Bored with Idol tonight. Bored with The Bachelor thing. Bored Bored Bored Bored.

Went to a family night at the preschool. Very fun. They had a petting zoo. Even if I had brought my camera, there would have been no opportunity for pictures. He insisted that I hold him except for about 15 seconds, during which a small goat approached him and the Kiddo starting biting his wrist and turning away in fear. So that was enough of that. It was pretty cute, though, when he saw the ducks. And he called everything else a horse. Afterwards he walked right up to his friend "Deddie" and sat down to eat THREE hot dogs. After each dog he would run up to his teacher (working at the food table) and yell, "Manada!!"
Did I complain about gaining weight? Hmmm. Maybe some ice cream will make me feel better.


Jennie said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Funny post. And you're right about the cheese balls! If you're bored, you could always move.............Punkin and I could gently bite each other, or I have plenty of Barbies with their feet still intact...

Kristiem10 said...

I love it. I am with you on the cheeseball theory. My kids can put away the hot dogs, too.