Sunday, May 27, 2007

shoes on parade

The newest pair--bought them yesterday. Love the light-up sandals!
Such a stud in these. Very "big kid." And they are wide, which is good cause he has his momma's square feet.
Got to pick these out at Christmas from The Salvation Army Toy Drive. Again, light-up. The velcro went bad fast, which was not good because it was very distracting and irritating to Punkin.
These look like giant shoes in this picture. $7 at Penney's.
"Spi-man!" We heart these, but they are already too small--I only bought them a few weeks ago.

Church was a little crazy today, but not as bad as last week. He laid on his back on my lap with half his body upside down throughout the sermon. Loves being upside down. And then right after the sermon he fell asleep. The really bad part about church? I accidently wore a shirt with a rip in the back--and David insisted we go up for the children's message, so everyone saw my ripped shirt! The really good thing about church? We made it out without any donuts!

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