Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Stop. Mommy Time.

Get it. Mommy time. Like "Hammer Time." I so funny!

I think every mommy should get respite care. I am loving this. I just enjoyed a ceasar sandwich on an asiago bagel and am surfing the net with my new laptop via free wi-fi. This activity is not toddler friendly. So exciting.

I was a zombie at work today, and so was the teacher I work with. We did nothing academic. We just played all morning, went to the library, went to recess, ate lunch (it's teacher appreciation week so we got pizza), read a book, and put the kids down for a nap. I almost earned my $9.40 an hour.

Punkin is struggling at school, but I think some progress is being made. It's so hard because I feel like I have to teach everyone how to work with him when they should know already. Why am I teaching his teacher??? Why am I teaching his pediatrician??? Why??? The sad part? It is just the beginning.

The coolest thing about this blog thing? I am meeting more and more Fragile X mommies! Hooray! So read their blogs, too. They are amazing women.

I think I have lost all my brain power now. I need to run to the video store to see if I can rent Toy Story on DVD. My VHS of it started fading and then Toy Story 2 got eaten alive by my VCR, which also broke. And the little guy just can't cope with the change in his routine. We ALWAYS watch "Woody" after school, and he keeps asking for it and crying. Ei Ei Ei. I ordered DVDs online, but we have to wait for them to ship. Life is rough when you're two. I mean, think about it. A two loves doing things over and over and over again. And kids with FX/autism love to do things over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. And he is a two with FX. It is not pretty at our house. He repeated "off, off" and pointed to the rug I inconsiderately and irrationally decided to move from the bedroom to the living room until I finally yanked it off the floor and returned it to its rightful home.

k. bye.


cws said...

I don't like the whole training the professional idea either. I'm like your son, I want to go around saying, "off, off."...lol.

...and mom how dare you move the rug ;)

Jennie said...

I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!!! I totally got the title right away. I think the worst part of being two must be not being able to adequately express what's going on in your mind. "Mother, I really feel that the rug does not belong in this spot, and I ask that you reconsider its new placement. Also, I am feeling lost without being able to watch my best friend Woody and his adventures. So could we please think about how we can solve this problem and get Woody on the TV right away? Thank you so much for your consideration in this matter."