Monday, May 7, 2007

Tagged--8 Things!

Jennie tagged me. So here's 8 random things about me!

Eight Things

1. I have a full mutation of the FMR-1 gene that is fully methylated (shut off)--just like punkin. So my one X doesn't make a protein that my body needs for development. But since I'm a girl, my other X chromosome happens to make up for it. (It doesn't in all girls.) And, like the doctor at Stanford said, I have lots of other genes, too--not just the FX one. =) And so does punkin.

2. Punkin and I have exceptionally stinky feet at the moment.

3. When I was pregnant, my dad called punkin "Enzo, " as in "Enzo Ferrari."

4. I once dressed up as Phoebe from Friends for Halloween.

5. I am addicted to buying children's books.

6. I keep Diet Coke with lime in my fridge even though I despise diet soda just for my mommy and my friends.

7. Again, I indulged in some jellied cranberry sauce last night.

8. I love taking photos, but not of people (besides punkin).

Now-- Sarah has to do it!


Haley-O said...

I can smell your and Punkin's feet from HERE! DO something about it!

Sarah said...

man, now i'm going to have to think! :)

Jennie said...

Ew. Stinky feet! I had to lotion mine last night in order to feel okay about putting them on my sheets!

SB said...

hi from another FX mom and compulsive long-time blogger.

Suzanne in NoVa

Laura said...

crap, I totally had something to say, and now I can't remember.
Ok, I'll write again when I remember.

Laura said...

Oh, I remember. I really hate it when people who are otherwise scrupulous about punctuation and capitalization don't capitalize "God" out of sheer stubbornness to acknowledge the capital letter. It's really, really bugging me. Yeah, that was all. I love you, and Punkin.