Friday, May 11, 2007

"There's a snake in my boot!"

Toy Story and Toy Story 2 arrived today!!!!!!

Had a very difficult talk with someone today. It went better than expected, and I never cried or got emotional at all. I was very calm and rational and diplomatic. Now I think I deserve to have a drink later as a reward.

Random question: Do you wash new clothes before you wear them? My mom insists on it, but I am the opposite. I hate washing them for the first time because I feel like they are never the same after that. This policy excludes swimsuits. Gross.


cws said...

if you saw some of the dirty people in our area you'd be washing them twice!!!

Enjoy that drink. I think I need one too :)

Emily said...

Absolutely you wear them once...they never again have that first time ever feeling...they never wear the same...they never again feel like you are wearing something new...and we all love to wear new clothes!

I will be teaching Clint how to play Farkle tonight. Did I tell you how i beat him at Scrabble? =)

Linda said...

I wash underwear and towels before use...I don't generally wash anything else before wearing.

I'm glad you got your movies, and I'm glad that difficult conversation wasn't as difficult as it could ahve been.