Wednesday, May 30, 2007

turkeys and burgers

Good day. Wednesdays are science days for our class. We go to a regular ed room to learn about germs and nature and whatnot. Gives our kids a chance to mingle with new people and be around a larger group. Anyway, today we started our frog unit. One of the teachers went and collected tadpoles from a pond and brought them in. It's pretty cool how the little ones aren't afraid to grab them and "pet" them. Can you pet a tadpole? So we're going to watch them grow over the summer. Last time we had some in all four stages at one time in the tank. Very cool. We also watch caterpillars turn into butterflies. I think it's so important to do those kinds of things with little kids. I still remember very clearly feeding a calf milk from a giant bottle, holding a piglet, and watching a chick start to hatch. Amazing. What I don't understand is why kids don't catch on more quickly to the idea that they are eating the animals they love so much. I mean, I can understand hamburgers and bacon. But chickens are cut up and cooked into chicken. And turkeys are cut up and cooked into turkey. This kid I used to work with told me very dramatically one day that he would not eat turkey on Thanksgiving because that is just mean. He wanted a hamburger instead. I just smiled and said I thought that was very nice of him. Then he stuck his arms straight out in front of him, crossed his eyes, and began "speaking mummy" as we entered the elevator to go down for lunch.

Lion (LauraA) filled me in on Project Runway. It is my favorite. It is one of the reasons I pay for cable. It is not on until the end of fall/beginning of winter this year. That kind of makes me sad because I need something fresh to offset all of the season finales. By the way, what is up with House dumping it's entire cast??? Can they do that?

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That is neat about the tadpoles. I can see my boys enjoying that. Except, I think Blake might be not-so-gentle and squish one.