Wednesday, June 20, 2007

aha! i found the answer--you will like this, kristie!

Found out the family vay-cay is August 3rd through the 12th in Chicagoland. Whoo-hoo! Someone better tell my cousin Katie to get her butt there. The brat got engaged, and I had to hear about it from my mom. Too bad she doesn't want to wear the wedding dress I have hanging in the closet -- with three bridesmaids dresses. Any takers???? That is my new project--selling the formal wear.

The apartment is disastrous. There is corn everywhere. And Little Man managed to pull his kitchenette down on top of him (not injured, just scared), spilling the contents. Still haven't cleaned up that one, either. So it's been a productive day. I did cook a decent dinner, though, of speghetti. There was a little sadness at the lack of garlic cheesy bread. It was an unspoken disappontment. I could feel it. Usually I make some ghetto bread out of hot dog buns, but we were out. (Jennie, you and your ghetto shopping cart can go get some buns and make it sometime. hehehehe)

Today Punkin got out the pink purse again and loaded it with two cell phones, a remote control, an unused soap dish with sparkles and fish inside, a wallet filled with promotional credit cards, and a set of plastic keys. Oh, and some "what the heck is this?" toys from various fast food chains. Very cute. He was ready to go on a walk with mommy. One look convinced me, so we got out the bubbles and the popsicles and then hunted for rocks. Not much of a hunt, there's a huge pile from when the parking lot was exploding and imploding this spring. I wish I had pictures of that mess. It was like a race course, or one of those car commercials highlighting the sleek styling and sharp turning ability of this and that new sporty sportster. Orange safety cones everywhere blocking off both potholes and eruptions. But they weren't, of course, all in a straight line, so it was almost impossible to tell where you were supposed to drive. It looked like some hooligans got a bright idea and scattered them everywhere overnight. But enough of that. Still wish I had pictures.

My neighbor is either getting quieter or my headache is going away. One of our kids kept singing the ABC rock today, and I about lost it. And he couldn't help it; it was an impulse. But the headache...... "Please stop singing." "You need to stop singing." "You can sing at recess." I know this is karma for all the times I annoyed the poop out of my teachers singing not only classroom songs, but the artful ones I composed myself.

OH--this is what I am supposed to be writing about! Hah! How fitting! From Children with Fragile X Syndrome page 219:

Poor Topic Maintence: Some children seem to jump from one topic to another in
their conversation. This is known as tangential speech. In a discussion they
may have to be brought back to the main topic several times.

And on page 223:

When comfortable [...], they [girls] tend to speak in a run-on fashion without pausing between sentences and without providing expected transitions between topics. Their speech can also be referred to as "tangential." That is, one topic reminds them of something else that triggers yet another topic and so on.

When I read this kind of stuff I get that Urkel voice and think, "Do I do that?" I cannot get the formatting to go back to normal. So irritating. Okay. It's bedtime. Later gators!


Kristiem10 said...

Ahh! A post directed to me! Yay! I swear we must be long lost twins, or something. I swear I am just a premutation, but I "present" more like a full mutation. Thanks for the info. Before I ever knew what the term tangential meant, I always said one thing reminded me of another, which reminded me of another....speaking of which...ah, just kidding.

Jennie said...

I full-on did the ghetto shopping cart thing last night, but I didn't want documented photo evidence. Will have to try the hot dog thing! Don't worry about the tangential thing - I do it too!

FXSmom said...

I'm tangential too!! Now I have an excuse lol.