Saturday, June 2, 2007

bubble daze

It was a fabulous, but pretty humid, Saturday around here. Before I say too much more, though, I have to give mad props to The Little Guy for building a tower of five little wooden blocks. This may seem silly--to celebrate it with a picture on the blog and all--but when your child is a) your first and maybe only child and b) has a developmental disability like FX, you learn to see miracles every day. So we built our tallest tower to date and then broke out the bubbly, err bubbles!
Pink and green, Miss Jennie--who rocks my world for being a rock star and because she sent me the sweetest card with a gift certificate for HyVee (groceries). I am buying serious quantities of Sponge Bob Macaroni and Cheese and Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce.
How am I supposed to say no to this face? Look at this! I love my new Saturday nights. I mean, I love my Friday nights when respite care comes, too, but I do love the slow pace of Saturdays.
There were some spillage issues. But it's all good--he just decided to play in it instead. Then he decided to rub it all over his legs and arms.
Then he thought mommy needed "some." Sometimes I want him to stay this size forever. Even though being two is really hard, I am so afraid of the future sometimes. Not about being able to handle him or anything, but planning for when I'm gone. Sometimes when I drive through intersections, I think, "A car could hit me and that would be it." And even though my parents and my sister are very capable of caring for him, it still makes me teary and queasy. Cause I don't have a will or anything mapped out. His dad could just swoop in and take him. How do I even begin that process? Who do I ask? How the heck do I pay for it? It's so overwhelming. But I have learned one thing in my short life as a mommy--the Lord provides. But that's a whole different post.


Jennie said...

You can download a write-your-own will from the internet for $10, but I am so cheap I just hand-copied it into Word. Then all you need is a notary. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, as Nigel Powers would say! I'm so glad you loved your card and gift card. I love the thought of you guys happily munching Spongebob and cheese!

cws said...

It is so awesome that he stacked the blocks like that. Mathieu is 11 with FX and he still don't stack blocks!

I understand the fear of what could happen if that stray bullet ever came around. Like Jennie said just get something notorized and make sure you family knows about it. I'm sure nothing will happen but it will give you peace of mind to enjoy his bubblies :) said...

Yay for little man!!! I can tell how proud you are. We have one block-stacking kid, and one non-block stacking kid.