Monday, June 4, 2007

the good daughter

So, I have a sister. And we like to joke with my parents about who is "the good daughter." For example, when I got pregnant in college she was the good daughter. But when she backed into my grandparent's car in our driveway, I was the good daughter. Get it? So here are a few reasons why I am The Good Daughter.

  1. I helped my mom organize her bathroom closet last night during my respite hours.
  2. I have a cute son.
  3. I smile and nod and say "oh sure" when my mom insists that she isn't farting, "it's just a muscle spasm."
  4. Mom is never wrong. She's just mixed up sometimes. (I vehemently defended my mother as a young child with this phrase.)
  5. My apartment is cleaner than my sister's--and I have cable.

And to be fair, a few reasons why my sister is The Good Daughter:

  1. She works at a church, and she used to be a teacher. Those are some big points amongst us Lutheran School Teacher Folk.
  2. I threw away my dad's shaving cream in an organizational frenzy last night.
  3. She probably knows what she's getting my dad for Father's Day already.
  4. She knows how to check and change her oil. (Not that she does it, but she knows how 'cause she paid attention that day.)
  5. She will play board (bored) games and put together puzzles with my mother.

Go ahead an weigh in on the debate. But remember, I do have that cute grandchild thing going for me......


Kristiem10 said...

That is so funny! My sister and I do this too.

cws said...

lmao...that's good!!

I do this to my brothers too. I always tell them that I'm the good one because I live exactly two miles away from our parents. The one brother lives 9 hours away and the other one 7!!

I also tell them that they chose me (cuz I'm adopted) and they got stuck with them.

I used to be able to use the cute grandchild thing but my brother in Phoenix just had a baby so now mine aren't so cute

Emily said...

So, this is the actual "Good Daughter" and I suppose I must defend my honor and weigh in on the debate.

So, one more reason why I am the Good Daughter:
1. I found our mother tickets to a Cubs game at Wrigley field.

Mistaken information on the orinal post:
1. My apartment is currently JUST AS clean if not more so than my sister's and I don't have cable because I don't have to bribe my mother to come visit and I'm not addicted to television!
2. You may have helped mom organize the closet, but have you checked to make sure she didn't "recover" any of the trashed items?????
3. Mom does fart....and it smells.
4. Funny how mom is a lot less wrong as we get older than. She sure seemed to be wrong all the time when we were teens!

However, you do have that cute son thing and living in town by mom and dad going for you. =)