Friday, June 15, 2007

i feel much better, little man does not

Little Man probably has some weirdo virus that is going around. He may develop a rash, but once the rash breaks out, he is not contagious. So basically we are just taking it easy. Thank goodness the respite worker comes tonight--he barfed on a bunch of stuff and there's no way he's fit to tag along to the laundry room with me. So I'll have her stay just long enough to get that done.
p.s. Mom, you better be having fun!


SB said...

I feel for you. Last week, I did the whole catching puke in a bucket then washing EVERY blanket we own.


Linda said...

Sorry if I am a week late on this - sounds like he had Roseola. The whole "fever and icks first, then rash" daughter had it - while we were at Disney.

Hope all is better now!