Monday, June 11, 2007

i heart you

You rock my world, Orange Tangerine Juicy Juice. A mellow alternative to classic O.J. for us acid refluxers.
This thing counts down, spins, and lights up--just like mommy's! Way to go Oma and Opa.
He has been playing with this since before he could sit up, and it's still cool. It spins, it lights up, and it sings. Plus, you can take it out of the stand and roll it around.
Sticky notes. Sticky, but not too sticky. And always available during a list-writing frenzy (Aunt Linda). But all too often they are not big enough.
The Fisher-Price version of the Magna Doodle. LOVE it. And he is working on fine motor skills.
The picture wall. Every mommy needs one of these for meltdowns. They're velcroed on a cheap piece of furniture so he can take them off and give them to me.
Mmmm. Sweet nectar of the mountains. So bad for my teeth and my belly..........
I actually enjoy writing the check for this each month. Now if it breaks.......
Heartbeat music therapy cd free from the Area Education Association when I had Little Man.
Oh, Bob and Larry. Thank you, Aunt Emily, for bringing them into our lives this past birthday. I do love that DVD, though. And this book (which we already had but didn't read nearly as often), too. I've taped it back together twice now.


Linda said...

LOVED those baby go to sleep cd's...and the Veggie Tale book too. You have a lot of I ♥ you stuff that I ♥, too!!!

Kristiem10 said...

We have that toy microwave, too. For some reason, it hasn't stopped them from putting random things in the real micro, though.

We love VeggieTales, too. Especially the Ultimate Silly Song Countdown.