Wednesday, June 6, 2007

i think he's mad at me

Little Man had respite on Sunday night (he never does), then an early dismissal on Monday, then respite on Tuesday and again tonight (again, not the usual routine) after the AEA early interventionist and speech pathologist came. SO, he had a huge meltdown today once the TWO respite workers arrived at 5:30 and dinner wasn't ready. He usually eats at 5pm. There were two because one was in training. The person training her, however, is not his favorite. (Or mine, really.) He just flipped out. Crying, yelling, hitting his head A LOT with his hands. I almost stayed home. I think the worker is a nice lady, but it's not working. When she put him to bed, he cried and cried and cried. So she let him stay up until he fell asleep watching TV. Needless to say, once they left, I went in and gave him so many kisses that he woke up. He only glanced at me, though. Didn't even crack a smile. I have some serious making-up to do.

Why did I have respite? To see the funniest faculty play EVER at my parent's elementary school. There are no words. There was a pastor playing a spy who's awful at his job, a first-grade teacher painted silver, and a dead guy on roller skates. Next stop: Broadway.

I just checked on him again--his pacifier was still on the shelf above his bed. =( He must have been asking for it, and she didn't understand, and that's why he got so upset. But she's worked with him before. She knows he has one. And I wrote a detailed schedule that included a nuk at night-night. =( Poor guy.

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