Monday, June 25, 2007

the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe

I have a random assortment of things to say, so I had trouble titling this post. First I thought it should be "someone has a case of the mondays" because I was seriously dragging this morning. People kept talking to me, but I couldn't retain any of the information. Plus, I have my fiftieth sinus infection and a horrible caffeine headache. But then things got better after work when we went over to Oma and Opa's to use the new kiddie pool. LOVE IT. So I thought it should be "hooray for swim day" or "swim diapers are hot" or "check out how spoiled i am." But then the Little Man totally smacked me across the face (hard--on purpose) because he wanted to go play instead of get more sunscreen, and so I considered, "oh no you didn't!" for the past few hours. So, to explain my final decision:
  • the lion = it was a ROAR kind of day, for good and bad
  • the witch = he seriously smacked me so hard
  • the wardrobe = swim diapers are hot

I have the best picture of him checking himself out in the reflection of my mom's stove, sporting only the diaper. It's on her camera, though, and I'm not sure if toddlers in diapers is acceptable for internet viewing. If you ask nicely, I may e-mail it to you. =)

I have also been wanting to talk about this amazing book I just read. I picked it up at Starbucks when I was buying my dad some coffee from Guatemala. I never go to Starbucks on my own. Not a coffee girl. Homemade smoothies, yes. Coffee, yuck. My mom and my sister always try to get me to taste their fancy mocha frappo lattes with shots of chocolate and caramel. They promise, every time, "It tastes just like hot chocolate. You can't even taste the coffee." Then why didn't you save yourself a few bucks and buy a hot chocolate instead???? Because it does taste like coffee. Because when I try it I will gag and have to wipe my tongue on a napkin to get rid of the coffee grossness. Whoo. Deep breath.

Anyway, I saw this book and bought a copy for my dad and one for me. The other alternative was to watch him unwrap it and immediately ask, "Are you done with the book yet?" SO....the book is called A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah. He is about 26, and he lived in Sierra Leone until 1998. He starting running from the civil war in his country at the age of 12 and by 13 was "recruited" by the government army to become a soldier. It's one of those stories that made me say, "I don't know anything about anything." It took about two nights to read, and I am going to start it again this week. Very haunting, though, so I suggest not reading it alone at night unless you can read it cover to cover in one sitting. I guess I am still struggling to find the words I want to use, so maybe I will write more after I've read it the second time. Mostly I wish there was more. I very easily became invested in his story, and I really wanted more information both about his life and the politics of his country. I guess I just usually think of books and CDs in Starbucks as being really trendy and somewhat unimportant. So if that is generally true, I think this is an exception. Plus, they make a donation to UNICEF for every book sold.

Now I need to go to sleep. Did anyone watch The Age of Love? It made me mad that he had to send home people from both age groups. I think he should do what he wants, but of course then he might be left with two people in the same age bracket at the end and the ratings people would flip out. So far the older women seem much more interesting. Plus they are way hot. They'd be hotter in a swimmie, though.


Jennie said...

Me, me, send it to me! PS: I saw an article on Slate at about that book, and it looked really good. But I think I would cry and cry if I read it.

Kristiem10 said...

I am scrolling down to pictures of that sweet boy, and wondering how he could smack him mama? Oh wait, no I'm not, I have a sweet boy who has smacked his mama, too. Plenty of times. Grr. I thought your title was creative. And that sounds like a good book. I don't know if I am strong enough to read it. Sometimes I like to live in a dream world, and prentend that everything is good. Oh, and I only started liking coffee last winter. Until then, I hated it.

Emily said...

E-mail them to the auntie! And, how dare you try to protect your son's beautiful skin! Seriously!

Kevin Kirby said...

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Aunt Kim said...

Robert stills checks himself out in my stove. So cute, even at 23.