Friday, June 29, 2007

the Lord provides

Here is why I know that God is not looking down on me from above, smiling. He is right next to me. Loving me. Caring for me. Looking out for my best interests. Sometimes it's through the people I love or through strangers, and sometimes it is in the way the sun shines. But He is here.
  • Last week I was wondering how I would make it to pay day (today) when my mom came home from visiting my aunts with a card from one of them with a prepaid credit card. I bought groceries, diapers, and a few fun things for me and Little Man.
  • Tuesday night I lost the key to my apartment and maintence was unable to let me in because they don't have a list of the tennants. Little Man and I slept at Oma and Opas (where Oma helped out BIG time by buying me clothes for work the next day and letting me sleep when Punkin woke up in the middle of the night). The next day the office people made me a new key in just a few minutes and for only $10. If they hadn't had a copy of my key in the office, I would have had to pay to have the locks changed.
  • Thursday I slept until 7:45 a.m. when Punkin walked over and started talking at me. I am supposed to be at work at 7:15. But, if there was any day to oversleep, Thursday was the perfect day for a number of reasons.
  • Every time I felt bleh this week, a friend (Jennie, Amy, Laura V) or my mom called. Just because.
  • I am a consultant for The Pampered Chef. I need an energy boost for the business. I just reached $15,000 in career sales, and I wanted to celebrate with my director, ect. at National Conference in Chicago. Today I called my mom and told her "There's no way I can go to National Conference. The money just isn't there." I was bummed. Not even a half an hour later, after coming to terms with it and feeling good that I had the money to pay the bills that need to be paid--trips are fun and beneficial, but not neccessary--I opened my mailbox to a card from Little Man's Godparents. There was a sizable check to cover the trip and more.

So, in a lot of ways, if you looked at my week, you could say it kinda sucked. I got locked out, I overslept HUGELY, I was broke, I haven't had a good nights sleep in about 2 weeks, and I felt a little trapped and lonely. But God had a plan the whole time. I wish I could remember that more clearly when I am panicking. =) So, I have some prayers to say and some thank-you notes to write. And life is good. It's not always easy, but it is good. I don't make a lot of money, but I get to pick up my son at 2:15 every day. I don't have fancy clothes or a great apartment, but my friends don't care. They still come for margaritas.

And that is the way the Lord provides.


SB said...

I am so glad that you were able to see your Challenges as Blessings. It's HARD to do that sometimes. You are never alone, my dear Lion friend.


FXSmom said...

Amen :). There are a lot of lifes mountains that I can look back and see that the Lord was with me the whole time.

Hope the upcoming week feels more secure :)

Jennie said...

I'm glad that you felt cared for when you needed it most. Jeebus loves you lots and lots!

Andrea said...

That is so true... I need to call you sometime soon too :)

Leanne said...

Thanks for sharing that. Some days it is really easy to only see the problems and not the ways that God helps you through them - especially when you are dealing with a lack of sleep! It sounds like you are blessed with wonderful caring family and friends and that helps a lot, doesn't it? Big hugs and prayers for a great week!

aunt Kim said...

Read Philippians 4:13. My favorite.
And always remember that you are never alone.

Laura said...

Lion, I wish I had seen this post earlier, but it is true, God is right there with you. That makes me happy that He was watching out for you this week when you especially needed Him. I love you.

aquabot said...

You certainly have a lot more caring family.....Thanks for sharing it with us....its really not often when anyone see such blogs....