Monday, June 4, 2007

rambling on about medical problems like an old lady whose husband just had colon surgery

Life is pretty ordinary lately. Nothing dramatic or exciting. We had an early dismissal today, but I let Punkin stay at school in order to avoid a freak-out. I was afraid he wouldn't take a nap at home because he hasn't in the past. He naps for up to 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday, but he knows he isn't supposed to nap at home on school days. He just knows. So instead I walked in to him sitting on his cot, crying. One of the teachers was right there, but it didn't matter. He quickly guzzled 3 glasses of water and continued to cling to me for dear life. Last night he had a respite worker come. He's usually good about bedtime with everyone but me and my mom. But last night I got home at 9:30 and he scampered happily out of the bedroom to greet me. She said he had started screaming and crying earlier in the night after being in there for about 20 minutes. He was taking acid reflux medication, but it gave him horrible diaharea. So I thought we'd see if he could go without. Maybe that is the problem? I know, what was I thinking? I had to fight to get him that prescription, too. Not with his regular doctor, but with another one. He just didn't want to listen to me. Hello. His mom has it. His grandma has it. His great-grandpa and great-great uncle have it, and we are all either have FX syndrome or are carriers. Let's just think about this. I am tired of arguing with doctors, and my son is only 2. I had to argue with them about giving him omoxicillan when he had his 3rd ear infection at 7 months. That drug didn't work the last 2 times, why would you give it to him now? Again, not his regular doctor. His regular doctor called me while I was in the ER with my baby a day later because the medicine wasn't working. ARGH! I think he was 7 months. I wish I would write this stuff down. I know he had 6 infections, which may be low compared to some kids. But they were all before 1 year of age, and two of them took over a month to get rid of. For one he actually had to get shots at the doctor's office for 4 days. Reminds me of repeated trips to see our pediatrician. Waking up every morning to take liquid omoxicillan and stuff cotton in my ears. Getting my ears washed out with a water pick. Needless to say, I was in favor of getting the Little Guy tubes. The worst part of ear infections? The fever. The time we ended up in the ER, his was 105. It's a disturbing and shocking feeling to go to pick up your screaming baby and want to drop him like a hot potato because he feels like a hot potato. So he got tubes at 1 year and at 2 years, when they also took his adenoids out. No more green runny nose. Just a regular runny nose once in a while, like he's supposed to. Nice.
In (perhaps) more interesting news, he loves his new Ducky. They have officially bonded--he smells like Little Man's drool. And his OT thinks it's fine that he has a pacifier right now, because he very clearly needs oral stimulation, but thinks we should definitely work on a replacement that's more age-appropriate. Ya. Darned smart people.


Kristiem10 said...

Sounds all too familiar. We've made it to ages 6 and four, and you will too. Lots of antibiotics and reflux medicine along the way. If you go to google, and type in Grabber XT, it will bring up Blake's favorite chewy. He is always seeking oral stimulation, and chewing stuff. This thing works great. Check it out.

Jennie said...

Yay regular snot! Poor little man - must be miserable to have all those ear infections. And even worse for you, remembering what they felt like and not being able to convince the supposed medical experts that maybe you know some things about him since you ARE HIS MOM AND SEE HIM EVERY DAY!!!!! I'm going to the post office tomorrow, I swear.