Thursday, June 14, 2007

reason number 492 why punkin is more and more like a cat every day

Foregoing the traditional, "bucket on the head" approach, Little Man took a giant step for toddlers everywhere by creating a new way to enjoy Duplos, or rather the box they come in.

"I was sitting there, studying the large opaque container," Little Man remarked later to his mother, "ready to pick it up and place it over my head. I love to shout and laugh at the echo. But I felt a deep sense of blah. I mean, I've been there, I've done that. So have all of my friends. I needed something new, something fresh. A new innovation to add zest to my day. And suddenly, it seemed obvious. Don't put the box on me--put me in the box."

After climbing inside, he reportedly told his mother, "I sit," and motioned for her to join him. Sadly, the box was only big enough for one.

In more socially acceptable news, Little Man also put Mr. Potato Head back together today. His mother commented, "I'm proud of him for taking the eyes off of the opposite side of the potato and placing them above the teeth. Also, I was happy to help with the hat. It can be tricky."


Kristiem10 said...

I love it! He is so adorable! And WTG on the Potato Head. You are right, the hat can be tricky!

Jennie said...

"Mom, I appreciate that you understood my innovative new approach to playtime! Since I will be president some day, it is important for me to start smashing all sorts of paradigms now. I have also shown that I am not claustrophobic, which is a vital balance to my not being agoraphobic, either! Thank you for helping me be such a well-rounded individual. You can come live at the White House with me. Your 'First Mom' platform can be FX and how we need research even though it clearly does not interfere with my intelligence."