Saturday, June 23, 2007


Little man is obsessed with "driving" the car. My mom and I found this during our Target expedition last night. So far the steering wheel just doesn't turn fast enough for him. =) But it makes the coolest revving and braking noises. An echo mic.
"Bag. Dis is? Ya. Doe. Uhhss?" (Bag. This is? Ya. Go. Bubbles?)
My new favorite toy. I could not take a decent picture of my pretty in pink phone and it's snuggli. My mom got a crazy fancy phone/camera/palm/video recorder thing.
We are going to my cousin's graduation party today, so hopefully I will have more to say after that! Sorry for the boring posts!


Kristiem10 said...

He's so cute! Never a boring post when there's a pic of him! And, btw, where are the pics of you?

Jenny said...

Hey cousin... I just read through all your posts... I love your blog! I am happy to find family members who like to write things on the internet. And I like being able to catch up since geography separates us most of the time. See you around the web :)