Thursday, June 14, 2007


So, I was planning on going to the gym, but first I checked my e-mail. And there was one from Andrea about her new blog. So I decided that going to Panera to read all of her entries and then type my own post trumped physical fitness.
Work is going to be stressful this summer. We just found out that due to a shortage in janitorial staff and a cut-back in their hours, we will have to combine with another preschool room so that they don't have to clean ours every day. I, of course, offered to clean it myself, but was quickly denied. So our nine special needs kids will have to go to a general ed room with 10-15 kids. YUCK. I do love the other staff, though, so that's a positive. It is just going to be a little more hectic than usual trying to figure out how to meet their needs and help them get along with all of the new kids. I tell you what, if it was Punkin who had to do that, I would be mad. And he would not do well. I would raise the biggest stink ever about how they weren't proving him with the least restrictive environment and schma schma schma.
Speaking of Little Man, tomorrow is Splish Splash Day at school. And while it's way fun and totally endorsed by me, it's also a little expensive. I had to buy a swimsuit (will post pics later), swim diapers, sunscreen, and ear plugs (he has tubes). I lucked out because my adorable and fabulous Aunt Kathy gave me some water shoes in his size, or I would have been buying those, too. But who doesn't love a kiddie pool and some sprinklers on a 90 degree day? We start the same thing next week where I work. We even eat lunch outside. Talk about slacking off.
I am not feeling particularly interesting today. Hmmm. Maybe some guilt surfacing because I know I should be at the gym??? FINE. I'm going I'm going.


Anonymous said...

AND I found out you never made it to the gym--but went to Dairy Queen instead. Now I don't want to hear any more whines about gaining 15 pounds, schma, schma...
But I am glad you had fun with Laura and James.


Jennie said...

Ooh, how cute! We never had splish-splash day when I was a kid, just that stupid last day where everyone competed in all different kinds of sports. Thanks, manly gym teacher!