Sunday, June 17, 2007

sneaky little fever

So as of yesterday at 9am, no fever. Then at 3:30 this morning, it's 101.3. Now it's 8am and no fever again. ???
I was very spoiled these last few months by not having any neighbors above me. On Friday a herd of elephants started moving in. For some reason I am very sensitive to when I'm downstairs and I can hear people upstairs. It drives me crazy. Crash. Bang. Stomp. STOMP. Stomp. "See ya later!" stomp stomp SLAM. I think they are being loud mostly because they are moving in. And I think it might just be one person who's actually going to live there, but there's like 12 people helping her.
We are going to church later, provided the fever doesn't sneak up again. Everyone say it with me, "I do not need a donut. I do not need a donut. The donut doesn't really taste that good."

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