Friday, June 15, 2007

some paraphrasing, but basically my conversation with the nurse

Me: Hi, my son has a high fever and is vomiting. I'd like him to see a doctor today.
Nurse: Well, we have been seeing the flu go around. How many times has he vomited today?
Me: Just twice, but...
Nurse: Well, we have been seeing a lot of vomiting and diaharea. Just give his tummy a break for a few hours....
Me: Yes, but I'm really more concerned about the fever. It's over 103.
Nurse: How old is he?
Me: 2 and 1/2
Nurse: Has he complained of anything else?
Me: He doesn't have the words to do that. I'm really concerned about his ears.
Nurse: Yes, but is he fussy or tugging on his ears?
Me: No, but he doesn't always do that. He doesn't always complain. I would really like him to see someone today.
Nurse: Well, Dr. _________ does have something at 11:45.
Me: That would be great. Thank you.


Jennie said...

It's so @#%&$ sad when everyone reacts the same stupid way when YOU KNOW WHAT HE NEEDS!

Kristiem10 said...

The receptionist at my boys' doctor's office does the same thing. Drives me crazy!!

Leanne said...

Yep usually I don't even know Justin is sick, but I always take him along and pay 2 copays and insist on both kids being seen whenever his sister is sick. And 9 times out of 10. He's got the same ear infection or strep or whatever, but with the high pain tolerance combined with the limited ability to verbalize stuff, it's ,uch harder to know when he's sick. Anyway the nurses and such are always like - "and what are his symptoms?"
me: none
nurse: so why is he here?
me: because he probably has what his sister has
nurse: Oooooooook[gives me odd look]

anyway, I end up being right, so whatever...