Tuesday, June 19, 2007

twenty questions (or whatever)

  1. Did the guy at the counter realize that he gave me an entire loaf of asiago foccacia bread instead of just two wedges? How do I ask for a to-go container now? I am not telling him. I am not giving the bread back. Oh no.
  2. Does the guy at the high top think that the rest of us want to hear his conversation? It's a nice day. He could sit in his car with the windows open.
  3. Do indivuals with autism (not fxs) qualify for the waiver program? Would they be better served by a strictly autism waiver, rather than the current options (ill and handicapped, mentally retarded, and i think there's one more)?
  4. When during motherhood does it suddenly become acceptable and unremarkable to discuss your children's bowel movements with everyone?
  5. Is it bad that I turned off a very hilarious interview with Robin Williams on Inside the Actors' Studio to watch The Girls Next Door reruns?
  6. How did your children learn about language? Did you use pictures and sign language or just practice, practice, practice?
  7. Seriously, did the guy over there come here to make his weekly business calls???? Go away. I am the first one to talk on the phone at the grocery store and even in the occassional restaurant. But I don't sit there in a quiet coffee shop with my datebook and go down the list. It's unscheduled, important calls (with Jennie while she's driving home from work) not a series of conversations.
  8. Since the guy at the counter, yes we are kind of going in circles here, gave me a lemonade instead of a frozen lemonade, is it legal to dump it out and get a soda? I vote yes.
  9. This isn't really a question, more of an admission of sorts. I wash my floor every night after Little Man goes to bed. I want to wash it throughout the day, but I quickly realized that it was a waste of energy and a fuel to the fire of frustration since it almost immediately becomes littered with crumbs, spilled milk, and thrown noodles. So I wash it at night so that I can enjoy it for at least three hours before I go to bed, resting securely in the knowledge that it will stay sparkling all day while we are away.
  10. Where do you guys get your recipes? I need new stuff to cook, and while I adore most of The Pampered Chef cookbooks I own, they aren't necessarily toddler-friendly.
  11. Again, not so much a question. Little Man has two favorite new games. (Peek-a-Boo still holds out as all-time favorite.) They are "walk the string with mommy" and "make mommy pretend to go to sleep." SO funny. He looks at me, "ting?" and hands me the other of the two black strings for stringing beads. And I follow him all around our little apartment, even into the two closets. Every once in a while he looks back at the string (I think) and says, "m on" (come on). Then he lays down on my bed, says, "illow" for me to put my head on the pillow. "Seep." And I pretend to snore. This is the best part--when he imitates me snoring. And today he even covered me up with his ducky blanket! And then he says something unintelligible that means, "wake up!" And I sit up. Oh, the little things.
  12. I am making a picture schedule. Should I put it on the wall with velcro so that the pictures are easily removed and changed, or do I make a book out of a photo album? Or should I do both so that he has a schedule at home, but there's also one for when we are away? How can I put it on the wall without destorying the wall? Velcro does not come off easily.
  13. Has anyone used Biorre Pore Minimizing Cream? Is it worth $12?
  14. Update: I got a to-go container for my 1o free slices of bread, and I switched my lemonade for a Dr. Pepper. I really need to stop with the soda. But it's so yummy. Aside from the caffeine, though, lemonade isn't any better.
  15. Do I write like I have ADD? Cause I feel very ADD today.
  16. What is your I-can't-live-without-it item? For me and Little Man, it is his therapy ball. (Really an exercise ball.) I sit on it with him on my lap and we "bounce." So much easier on my back than holding him, and it provides more stimulation than a rocking chair. For me alone, it is the internet and my computer.
  17. What new movie is worth seeing? Does anyone even go to them anymore? They cost $9 here.
  18. LauraA, are you out there???
  19. Where would you rather be right now? I would like to be with LauraA. For sure. Eating a cupcake from Crumb. Or with Jennie, admiring her house/art installation.
  20. "Na-dun." All done. Twenty Questions was a stretch. =)


Jennie said...

WHAT a great post! I have lots of easy recipes that are low-fat for you, and two of them use lots of the same ingredients. I got mentioned twice! I use Clinique's pore minimizer, and it works fabulously. I think it's about the same price. I love your brilliant baby!

Oma said...

It sounds like you are feeling better--good. I miss you and David (and Dad of course) a lot. I am relaxed, refreshed, made-up, and painted (toes). Now, I am going to go have a glass of wine. What a life.
Give kisses to my grandbaby.
Love, Oma

Emily said...

1. Free bread? Take it and run!
2. Business calls should be done at work...that's why we have quiet things like laptops and e-mail for public places.....or is that for work, too?
3. Please don't be that mom that talks about her son's poop with me...I have had all the poop talk I can take!
4. For being my feminist liberal sister, I think it is quite funny that you even watch the "Girls Next door"??!!??
5. Next time you wash your floors...try getting the wall next to Little Guy's chair (nudge nudge hint hint)
6. Recipes? Buy frozen dinners...I enjoy them quite a bit and never have to cook! =)
7. Don't want to ruin the wall with velcro? Put Velcro pieces on a piece of cardboard. Nail the cardboard to the wall with little nails.
8. Please don't waste your money on Pore Minimizing Cream....You ARE BEAUTIFUL already!

Emily said...

oh...and I added to my post...a contract may not be needed

the other lion said...

I did wash the wall by his chair the other day! It stunk like bleach for hours, and it still doesn't look right.

Kristiem10 said...

A very entertaining post!

I love me some Asiago Panera Bread. You lucked out on that one!

I secretly watch Girls Next Door, too. And wish I had their boobs.

For the picture schedule, we glue a velcro strip to laminated tagboard, and glue strong magnets to the back. Then we put it on the fridge.

I don't wash my kitchen floor every day, but I do suck up the crumbs with a vaccuum every day. Crumbs are gross. And, if I leave them, my kids eat them for snacks.

I love pampered chef recipes, too. I also get recipes from allrecipes.com and recipezaar.com. I like their rating systems.

I love Little Man's games. I wish I could meet him!

I swear I have ADD. I am a total subject hopper. My DH says, "oh, we changed topics? ok."

Laura said...


That post was awesome. THanks Jennie for the pore minimizer tip--I am looking for one too! Lion, when did our pores expand since college? I'm not even going to go into the senior butt thing. We can never talk about it. I love you and the Little Man! I need to call you soon and hear your voice.