Monday, June 18, 2007


Went to work. Cell phone rang. Ignored it. Not supposed to have phone on at work. Thought about 10 minutes later, "I wonder if it was about Punkin???" About 5 minutes after that, I checked. It was about Punkin. Punkin threw up at school. They actually got a hold of Opa first, so Opa went and got him and I met them in the parking lot. But Punkin did not want to go in mommy's car. He wanted to go in Opa's car. That was the first of many meltdowns today. Like always, though, he was the perfect little guy--even sick. And to make an uninteresting story end a little sooner, I will summarize the rest: I went to work for about 25 minutes today, and now my belly hurts.
What's crazy, though, is that this time last year, we were going through the same thing. Seriously. Almost to the day.

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