Tuesday, July 17, 2007

All is quiet

Today has gone very well. Punkin woke at 6 AM with some whines, looking for his pacifier. He wanted to get up though and we did. We watched "Larry and Bob" and "Woody" until it was time to go to school. After school was respite so I wandered Target and Walmart for 1 1/2 hours. The only thing I bought was a new bookbag for Punkin. "Cars". Well he wasn't so sure about it, especially when I tried to put "Ducky" in it. We'll see what happens tomorrow morning. He ate a good supper which Opa made :) and is now ready for bed. I don't know what happened yesterday, but God is good and didn't let it happen again!


By the way, I have talked with Punkin's mom and she is having fun learning all about the new products from Pampered Chef.


Anonymous said...

So sorry. I had to laugh about last nights post. It has been too long since having a little one in the house. :)
I hope all the wine you bought in WA isn't all gone...yet.
Hang in there. You are an awesome mom (and grandma).
Love you. Kim

Kristiem10 said...

I am glad it was a smoother day for you. I bet he did get nervous about Ducky going into the mysterious Cars backpack. I know how protective he is of Ducky. :) There are plenty of days when a nice glass of wine after bedtime sounds good. And, I agree, you are a great mom and grandma!