Thursday, July 19, 2007

another blurry picture

This is the best I could come up with guys, sorry. Never mind the sunglasses--they were a gift that we had to wear to the banquet. But the dress was a big hit, and the shrug was oh-so-comfy and oh-so-not sweat-producing.
Conference was fun. I feel ready to treat this thing like a business again. I am beyond tired. Punkin was glad to see me, but I think he thinks I am leaving again any minute now. The Hilton, for having such a fab name, was not that much better than the good old Holiday Inn. Except that it had two bathrooms--a must for 6 women. But no free internet! I was so sad. $3.50 an hour. I broke down and paid for one hour because I just couldn't stand not knowing what was going on in Blog World. But I felt much better about that hour of internet than my $3.00 bottle of soda (20oz) and my $7.00 Mikes Hard Lemonade. Can you see my cute little whisk charm necklace?? I got it for reaching $15,000 in career sales.


Kristiem10 said...

You look uber-cute! Glad Punkin was happy to see you. I love me some Mike's Hard Lemonade, but $7.00?! Yowsa. I'd have preferred to pay for internet, too.

Laura said...

Ooo, congratulations!!! That is so impressive.

FXSmom said...

What a cute dress!! I got the opportunity to stay at one of the Hiltons hotels and I had to break down and order a glass of milk for Mat. I almost peed myself when it was $8.00!! I could have bought 4 gallons for that price.