Wednesday, July 4, 2007

fourth o' july

I feel like I am cranky old woman when I say this, but willyoupleasestopmakingsomuchNOISE!! I can appreciate the occasional civilian firework display as long as it is actually meant to be colorful and entertaining and not just LOUD and obnoxious and LOUD. But this is seriously bugging me. Apparently, the Fourth of July is a free ticket to wake up everyone's sleeping babies FOR A WEEK.

In other holiday news, we actually had a great time. On the third, we went to see fireworks in the perfect spot. It was far enough away that it wasn't loud at all, but it was close enough and high enough that it provided a great view of our city's and another city's show. Plus, it was not crowded at all. Punkin loved it.

Today we went to Oma and Opas, where I suggested (demanded) a lunch of fishsticks and Velveeta Shells and Cheese. Punkin ate six. Then we went to the store, where he had two meltdowns. MAJOR meltdowns. Apparently he was hungry, because he scarfed down an entire apple (yes, the core as well) and was fine. Then we went swimming and ate dinner with friends. Three hot dogs, including the buns. Wouldn't touch the watermelon. Just an adamant "no."

One of the couples who came brought their son (almost 4) and daughter (5 months). By the end of the evening, the son told me "He [Punkin] isn't very nice." He was having a hard time understanding why he was being hit and kicked all evening. Little Man just doesn't know how to control his body and his impulses. He wasn't trying to hurt him. Their son was SO patient with him. And I think he does like him, because he kept asking him to play and watch movies. I just think it's hard because he knows that if he hit someone, he'd be firmly planted in timeout. And they were cute together. Little Man just kept trying to give him hugs and kisses. And he would climb up on the couch and sit on his lap, which was funny because he is bigger than him. At one point he even put his head in his lap! Do any of you have any suggestions for dealing with this kind of stuff?

Do you have any suggestions for making the firecrackers less annoying? Oh, ice cream. Chocolate fudge brownie? Okay. I'm willing to give it a shot.


FXSmom said...

Mat isn't touchy feely so I don't have any suggestions for that. But to tune out the fireworks for Mat my stepson decided to play video games with gunfire in them till 4 this morning. I was not impressed!!

Kristiem10 said...

Blake is just like Punkin (of course!) when it comes to grabbing and hitting. He did plenty of it at the IL's house last night. We missed the fireworks this year. I am glad your guy liked it. My nephew with FX is terrified of them. And, I hear ya on the noisy fireworks. I used to want to go on the porch in my nightgown and curse the garbage man who woke Drew up every week.

Andrea said...

Pink...and Green....
I just couldn't help myself :)
Love ya