Saturday, July 14, 2007

the haircut, and things that bother us

The haircut went famously well. We went to a place where Punkin could sit inside Lightning McQueen while watching the movie Cars. The place also has a big tunnel and slide inside for him to play on while we wait. He barely noticed anyone was touching his head because he was so interested in the movie. I do kinda miss the curls, though. And it's my turn today! Watch for pictures!

This lion is causing big trouble. One of Punkin's respite workers got it out the other day, and he started crying and ran to the other side of the room. I got it out again later, and he said, "no, no." Maybe it's the wild hair? (Kinda like Punkin's before the haircut.)

Okay, for something completely off subject: WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH YOUR PERSONALIZED LISCENSE PLATE????? It doesn't do the job if none of us know what it means. Some of them just puzzle me, and it's almost fun. Or it would be fun if I were like my mom and got into hurting my brain with impossible word puzzles. But that's not as serious an offense to me as the ones that are just crying out for someone to ask the driver "What does that mean?" For instance, "SCARRED" and "N LIED ME." Clearly these two women have personal issues that they need to work through. Tell a counselor. Talk to a friend. Don't stamp it on a piece of metal and affix it to your car. We don't care.
Now, if your liscense plate says "WE MILK" because you are a farmer, then that is funny. Or if it says "GUTEN TAG" because you are a German teacher, then that is cute. But advertising your failed romantic relationships or emotional struggles isn't witty. It's just confusing and slightly annoying to the rest of us.
The other thing that bothers me--Punkin was sent home from school yesterday because of two loose BMs. No fever. No crankiness. No nothing. When I went to pick him up, he was laughing and running around the nurse's office playing with the big jungle animals. Plus, he didn't have another BM all day. In fact, the next one he had was right now because I smell it and it sure does STANK. (Remind me to tell you the "Dat stank" story sometime.) But it only bothered me a little--leaving work early on a 75 and sunny Friday that is--not the stink. Cause I got to hang out with Oma and Punkin. And since I am going to be gone tomorrow night through Wednesday night, and I need extra bonding time.
Okay, Okay! I'll tell you the "Dat Stank!" story now. But it won't be as funny as when my friend Claire tells it. But some of you know her, so you can imagine. Anyway, Claire went to college near a cereal plant. And the cereal plant was BEYOND gross-smelling. It would permeate the entire city sometimes, I swear. (Jennie, you know what I mean.) But it would smell that way all the time, so after a while it wasn't a big deal. So, she was walking across campus one day when a guy--all by himself about 100 yards away--starts talking loudly and waving his hand in front of his face. "Dat stank! You smell dat? Dat stank!" And, my friend Claire being my friend Claire, got kinda nervous for a minute because she didn't know if she should answer him or just giggle. I think she just giggle/snorted and turned her head the other way.


FXSmom said...

His haircut is cute. Matthew still fits over getting his hair cut. My hubby is the only one who can cut it. We went through all pro hair dressers. Matt's Granna & Poppa swear that they are posters up all around town of Matt warning them of the dangers. lol

Jennie said...

Love your HAIRRRRRR, darling! Have great time! The honey wants a plate that reads "TI3VOM". Or "MOVEIT" in your rear-view mirror. I always hate ones that are like: "MY PT" on a PT Cruiser or "A4" on an Audi A4. Duuuhhhhh! We know! My favorite was "4UIFLY" in the employee parking section of the Albany Airport. Cute!