Wednesday, July 25, 2007

i like lists

1. Little Man is sick again. This time it's a fever and a sore throat. He keeps asking for food, and then he just sits and holds it because it hurts too much to eat. Right now he's clutching bread with jelly (one of his favs) and cheese slices. Yesterday he just played with a hamburger from Wendy's. Normally he'd eat two, plus fries. You know it's trouble when a Little Man won't eat a "booder" (burger).

2. The apartment is turning into a bacteria zone. I can feel it. I want it to be sparkling clean, but I have no actual desire to get up and scrub. So for now Little Man's booster seat remains sticky. The smooth metal back of the chair it sits on is now textured with food residue, and the floor calls out periodically, "soap." And I wonder why he's sick....

3. I love making to-do lists. It's so calming, especially before bed. You'd think it would be the opposite--I'd be overwhelmed right before bed with all of the things I should be doing besides sleeping. But instead it purges them from my brain and confines them to the paper. After which I promptly forget about their importance, unless I forget them altogether.

4. I don't know what this was all about:

4. Lion's BF saved the day. He told me to look online for free publishing software to make the church newsletter. It never would have occurred to me. Hooray! I found something, and it's remarkably easy to use. Now let's hope I can get the actual text and pictures together in the next week and a half. I'm sure it will all come together at the last minute. Just like college newspaper days.

5. "Down!" Our new game. One of his respite workers taught him how to play football back in the spring. Basically we run around the apartment and land on the couch, bed, or lazy boy, and say "touchdown!" and Little Man just LAUGHS.

6. My cable and internet bill arrived the other day. $128.00. EEEKKKK! Last month it was $86. Still yikes, but that was a $45 jump! So I got rid of my digital cable, which I never really use anyway, and just have expanded cable and the internet. That only brought it down to $105 with tax. So now I am trying to decide what to do to lower it more. I am interested in wireless, but I'm afraid it won't be as fast or that I won't get a strong signal because I'm in a brick building. But it's only $30 a month, versus $45. Hmmm. If I do anything with the cable, I will just get rid of it altogether. Because basic cable doesn't include E! or Bravo. But anyway, the real reason I brought this up. When I cancelled the digital channels, I had to return the remote and the box. Now I don't have a remote. And I'm getting a new TV soon, so I don't want to go buy a universal one. But in the meantime I have to actually GET UP or sit directly in front of the television and flip through channels. And the TV is programmed in a way where I don't get half the channels. I've heard bad things about Dish. Any ideas?

7. Lindsey Flipping Lohan. We are so tired of you. But it's all the media. They scoop it up, chew and chew and chew and chew, and spit it out. And we gladly eat it up.

8. I love the animated Frosted Mini Wheat in the commercials. He is so cute! He should have his own show.

9. My parents got an amazing iMac. One of those with the 17" flatscreen. You know, looks like a picture frame. I am so jealous. And my dad got a free iPod Nano with it. He's been jealous of my mom's iPod Shuffle for months now. By the way, can you believe how little those things are??? It's like the size of a quarter. Crazy.

10. I think I need to go clean something.


FXSmom said...

I love to-do lists too. While I'm at work I'm making them for home. While I'm home I'm doing them for work. While I'm in class I'm doing them for the heck of it.

And I love those Current catalogs that have these pretty stationary pads for to-do lists. They are sooo cool!! Then I buy them and
want more stuff to do so I could write it out on the new pad.

Well, now I feel certifiably

Kristiem10 said...

If I can't sleep because I am thinking of things I need to get done, I'll get up and make a list. Inevitably, I'll fall right to sleep afterward. I guess it's like you said that I can release it from my mind. Heaven knows too many things slip out of my mind unwittingly. My kids put stuff in front of the tv, and watch through said item.

Jennie said...

I like our Dish (from Dish Network/AT&T) but it does sometimes go out in bad weather. I don't know how wireless would work for you - does your cell go out anywhere in your apt? The honey wants to get it for us but also wants to put up brass screens so no one can steal our info. I told him we need to get him more tin foil for his hat. OR you guys could just come live with US and you and I could watch The Girls Next Door until our hair turned platinum in sympathy. My you-know-whats are already getting bigger, but I think that's from weight gain.

Wendy Huff said...

I am a list maker. It is an art. It is even a sport for me. lol

I was scared of Dish Network as well, but Rich talked me into it. I love it! I have the DVR feature (like TIVO) and it has changed my life. No commercials and I only watch what I want to on tv and when I want because I taped it!