Saturday, July 7, 2007

mind reading

I have been wanting to blog, but unable to muster the intellectual capacity to do so. I was laying (is that right?) in bed last night, thinking of brilliant things to say, wishing Blogger would come up with some new-fangled way of taking my thoughts directly from my brain to the computer. But, alas, it cannot. And it might be problematic. There may need to be some sort of a filter on technology like that. Otherwise you'd end up with, "And then Punkin walked . . . hey, are they moving xerox machines upstairs again? up to me . . . I think I need some cheese . . . and said house . . . my neck hurts . . . cause he wanted to take his new dollhouse in the car with him. And then he picked it up . . . were those firecrackers? why am I turning into an old lady . . . and carried it out to the car all by himself." Didn't so much make any sense, huh? Of course, when I write, I use a different voice in my head than the one that says, "Hey, I need some cheese." So maybe the new mind-reading technology could tell the difference between blogger voice and personal needs voice. Okay, I have officially spent too much time on this.

We had a good couple of days. My parents took me out to one of my favorite restaurants--Thunder Bay Grille--where my sister and my friends and I used to slave away over the hostess stand. I worked there for four years, and I would still eat there every day if I could. I had an apricot-dijon glazed pork chop and a sweet potato, just like my mommy. Then we went to Whiteys Ice Cream and I stuffed myself with an Oreo Shake. And we headed off to see Evan Almighty. I thought it was much better than Bruce Almighty, mostly because of the lack of boob jokes. It bordered on hoaky, but I think it was intentional. It was cute. Made me feel warm and snuggly inside. Punkin slept 'til 7:15 this morning. We watched Charlie and Lola on The Disney Channel. ADORABLE. I think I will watch it now even if he doesn't ask.

I am excited about my upcoming vacation to Chicago for the conference. One more week!Hooray! I'm assuming the hotel has free internet, so I plan to blog away. My mom wants to put her two cents in as well, as she will be on diaper duty.

Did you read about FX awareness day?

And, a random bit o' fun about me: CanNOT press the garage door button and run out while it's closing. Nope. Petrified. Don't ask me, cause I won't do it.


Anonymous said...

I have been wishing for this technology for ages!

:) Jenny

Laura said...

i love you. your post makes me smile :)

Kristiem10 said...

I am a scattered-thought-thinker too. Did you take Punkin with you to the movies? Did I misread that? Have fun in Chicago.

the other lion said...

Oh no, we didn't take him. But they did advertise a Veggie Tales Movie (The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything), and I am considering taking him to that. I think I am crazzy.

camilyn said...


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