Monday, July 16, 2007

Multi-tasking is for the Young

It has been 24 hours since Mom left Punkin with me, Oma. Up until suppertime all was going very well. But then Emily called wanting to know about restaurants in Memphis where she could take 60 high school students and chaperones for BBQ TOMORROW. At the same time, I am trying to make supper, and Punkin is climbing up and down the basement stairs. I'm on the internet searching, calling friends in Memphis, and calling restaruants. In between Emily is calling to see if I had any news and Punkin's mom is calling to see how he is doing. Opa is at the dining room table talking business and totally ignoring or laughing at what he thinks is humorous. While Punkin is eating at the same table, he is showing Opa "bees" , taking one bite, and throwing them on the floor. He doesn't like that Opa said eat your beans and dumps his glass of milk on the table. While all this is going on, I am talking again to a restaurant and then Emily, and again a friend in Memphis, because I HAVE SAVED THE DAY. 60 KIDS AND CHAPERONES WILL BE EATING MEMPHIS BBQ TOMORROW AT ALFRED'S!!!

Opa offered to clean up the kitchen and dining room while I took Punkin for a wagon ride. I then put Punkin to bed where he stayed until the doorbell rang TWICE. AAAGGHH.

My wine tastes very good right now.



Jennie said...

Only a mom could do that so well and keep it together until it was an appropriate time for wine.

Kristiem10 said...

What a great mom you are! Wine...yumm.

Laura said...

I miss you, Mama Lion!! (That is, I miss Erika's mom, who is so awesome. Although I miss Erika too. That goes without saying. "Duh," as she and I would have said in college!)

Andrea said...

You go Oma!