Sunday, July 29, 2007

"my a** is so tight!"

Been a busy couple days. Punkin's teacher called on Friday saying he was very out of sorts--crying, messy diapers, more crying. So I went and got him. He was sitting on his yellow triangle, chewing on Ducky, and whining softly to himself. When I walked in, he looked up and said "nuk?!" (pacifier). He was asleep before we got home. Once we got home he ate two corndogs, 3/4 of a can of fruit, and two cups of milk. Then he slept for well over two hours. When he woke up, we went to the doctor. Apparently his ear looks worse. The doctor on Monday said he could see his eardrum. This doctor said he couldn't because of all the wax. Neither were sure about his tubes. But they said he's just fighting a virus, and to keep an eye on him. So, probably when we're on vacation in a week he'll develop a fever and an ear infection. =) What do I do if his tubes have fallen out again? I don't think it makes sense to keep repeating the same procedure with poor results. He had tubes at one and then again at two. Now he's only 2 and 1/2 and he may need them again????? I always think of the movie 28 Days with Sandra Bullock: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

I helped with a wedding this weekend--my best friend in junior high. I mostly ran interference and pinned flowers on people. It's almost overwhelming to see someone have their dream come true--that event you've been whispering about since you were little girls, drawing pictures of your side-by-side houses with an underground tunnel connecting the two.

Today he was PERFECT at church! He even sat for a few minutes by himself coloring on his mini Magna Doodle. I LOVE that thing! Then right before the sermon he fell asleep (snuggled against me, of course, because it was exactly what I needed). And he woke up right as the sermon ended and asked for his Opa. I made the mistake of wearing a skirt with an elastic waist, so the entire time I was pulling it up so everyone behind me didn't see my undies. I was, of course, in the second row (he does better sometimes up front because he can see the action).

I have never seen a child, or any person for that matter, who loves Hamburger Helper like my Punkin does. OH MY goodness. He probably ate 2 cups of it today. At least. And it wasn't the cheesy kind. He likes Beef Pasta. With peas mixed in. He's just a "nooooo-null" eatin' fool.

So the title. =) Hehehehehehe.........snort.............hehehehehe...........close eyes and laugh so hard no sound comes out....gasp.........snort..........hehehehehehe. ANYway. I was standing in the checkout line at the grocery store when I hear, "My a** is so tight." I of course have to turn and look. I mean, duh. This guy, no more than 20, is walking with a stick figure, I mean a girl, and they are in workout clothes. Then she says, "Ya, my hamstrings." So obviously they were working out and his butt is sore. But I couldn't take it. There was no one with me to look at with those big eyes and that tight-lipped grin that says, "What the H-E double hockey sticks? That is so random and funny." So as soon as I got to the car, I called Laura who died laughing.

Disaster averted. For four days I have been unable to play Crickler. And it took me four days, but I figured out what was wrong and fixed it all by myself. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. Crickler is basically crossword puzzles for ADD people. They are online, all of the clues are next to the spaces, and it adjusts difficulty based on the player's ability. I would NEVER do a crossword on paper, but I LOVE these. Did I mention I love them????

My parent's friend gave them Pagemaker and Photoshop for their beautiful new Mac. I am ridiculously jealous.

Has anyone else seen the commercials for Meerkat Manor? If you haven't, let me tell you that it is NOT about a house or a family or a tiny British town. It is about meerkats. There is a voice-over similar to Desperate Housewives. There are exaggerated rats.


Anonymous said...

Guess what! I now have the orange and blue butttons with words!! And you know you can always use our computer ha ha.
Love you,
David's Oma

Emily said...

THis has nothing to do with your post, but get a Facebook account and join the Bremer Family group. It's for the cousins to keep in touch. Pass the word.

Kristiem10 said...

I thought maybe you started working out like crazy and were happy with the results. :) Poor Punkin. We are all too familiar with repeated ear infections. Blake always has so much earwax, the doctor can't see his eardrum. fun, fun.

Jennie said...

Funny! It's like that old Sprite commercial we used to quote, where the guy said, "Rhonda! The doctor says it's not contagious!" And the woman on her cell phone nearby goes, "Ohhhhh, gurrrrrrrlll..." Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I love noo-nulls too.

FXSmom said...

We had repeated ear infections too. Matt went through 4 sets of tubes. I think. It might have been five. The last set fell out when he was 7ish. He has been ear infection free ever since. Though I think the massive wax build up he has prevents anything in his ears!!

Emily said...

What would the pretty mama like for her birthday?

Andrea said...

I have watched Meerkat manor and it is strangely addictive... not that I have time for that... or that we even get that channel anymore. We just reduced our cable to get only 22 basic channels (that is ok because we still get HGTV which is a good compromise for TLC since I can't watch what I like to on TLC anyway... rambling... I am so stuck on Big Brother tho...