Sunday, July 1, 2007

really? you don't think we need any of these?

Little Tikes Classic Bike. He started learning how to ride a tricycle because he wanted to so bad. His teacher said he did great!
A slide that's a smidge bigger than the beginner ones, cause Punkin is so tall. Busy Day House, Fisher Price. The toilet flushes. For real.
And the one I'm not sure we can live without. Seriously, we need this. It would be wrong for us not to have it. And it's on sale!


Anonymous said...

I guess you do have a birthday coming up.

Punkin's Oma

Kristiem10 said...

Veggie Tales castle!! That is so cool. My kids would love it!

the other lion said...

It's at and it's only like $20. Tell your boys to thank me for keeping my eyes open for the coolest Veggie stuff.

Jennie said...

Yeah! Totally! Veggie Tales!

Leanne said...

Makes me wanna sing...plug your ears, ok?

Celery, broccoli, gotta be, Veggie Tales!