Sunday, August 26, 2007

back and forth

I have been going back and forth for days about which room Punkin should be in. As soon as I decide to take a chance and do the full integration, I picture him attempting activities with the 3-5s and decide I'm crazy. It's laughable, Schmerika, really. Ridiculous. How could you THINK of such a thing? There's NO WAY that will be successful. You're nuts. I mean, they break the 18 kids into 3 small groups and have them working simultaneously at 3 stations. Hello hyperarousal?!?! The teacher would have to modify EVERYTHING for him. Not just the curriculum, but he would essentially have to have his own schedule in order to avoid chronic meltdowns. In the other room, there are more likely going to be kids and his same developmental/academic level as well as kids above and below him. So fitting him in and addressing his needs would be easier. In fact, they probably do a lot of it already. And with the same number of staff but fewer kids, it would be easier to work with him independently if needed.
So Saturday I had decided that, yes, I do want him in the smaller, self-contained room with integrated time at recess and for large group. Large group is where they sit at the table and paint, cut, color, make yummy treats, ect. That way he can see how the other kids attend to a task, and he can get some exposure to a bigger, busier classroom setting, but with a lot of structure and for a workable amount of time. Then by the time he's four (or sooner if appropriate) he can be do full inclusion.
But I still keep thinking to myself that maybe I'm just being overprotective. Maybe I am underestimating Punkin's ability to adapt. Maybe I'm just scared of change. He's been with all typical kids until now. Maybe he should continue. But the expectations for infants and twos are remarkably different than the 3-5s. And again the shear number of children is overwhelming. AHHH! Here I go again.......

In other news: Accepting Applications. Inquire Within. I've decided that I need a wingman or wingwoman. A wingperson. Someone that I can look at with an exhausted face and say, "It's SO your turn to put him back in bed! I've had enough!" Do you think I'm tired today? =)

I played Wii on Friday night. So fun. I was totally boxing with my friend Laura. Not that I even know how to throw a punch, but whatever. We had a good bout. She eventually won. Then we did bowling. Just as fun as the real thing but without the ugly, slippery shoes and germs.

I was reading Kristie's blog about Blake and his Woody doll when I realized I never told everyone about the cool Uncle Bill story. So when we were on vacation in Chicago, we went to visit my Great Uncle Bill in the nursing home. He is 81 and has fragile x. He is quite healthy and active. He plays records for the other patients and was even deemed their mayor. He was one of two people I saw who shut and locked the door to his room. He told me once that he didn't want people stealing his M&Ms. He and Punkin like each other a lot. They repeat phrases back and forth. Uncle Bill likes the "That's mine. That's all mine." game. Punkin understands and appreciates. It made me a little uneasy at Christmas time when I was little because I thought he was serious. Anyway, were about to leave and he turned around and grabbed a mini Woody doll out of his dresser drawer for Punkin--who was beyond thrilled. "Woody! Woody!" But Uncle Bill had never been told that Punkin liked Woody. He just remembered that he had a toy and wanted to share. And it just happened to be Punkin's favorite! (God works in all things for the good of those who love Him....)

Now it's time to clean the apartment. Little Man is asleep so I can clean up his mess from lunch. This time it was an accident, though. He was being a good boy and trying to take his plate to the sink and spilled it.

OOOHHHH--Almost forgot! He has been asking to go potty more and more often--and he goes! Very exciting. I will spare you any more potty talk.

Q: What's green and has three wheels?
A: Grass. I was just kidding about the three wheels.


SB said...

loved the Uncle Bill story....

I think Punkin will lead you for the eventual inclusion. My son, now 19, could never handle full inclusion. But throughout his life, we've pulled him out for time with typical peers.

I am COUNTING the days until back to school!

Kristiem10 said...

You know Punkin best. If you think it will be overstimulating for him, put him in the self-contained room with activities with the other kids.

I spoke with Drew's aide the other day, and she followed him to the special ed school from the fully included regular ed kindergarten. She said he is paying attention and completing tasks SO much better now. Just a thought.

Jennie said...

Yay potty! Love the Uncle Bill story as well - so sweet. I would not want people stealing my M&Ms either.

Anonymous said...

WHatever you decide...please remember you are not making any permanent decisions. You can decide, with the school, that his schedule, room, activities, etc can be changed or modified. Also, as a special ed teacher, I know that 10 kids with special needs is WAY HARDER AND MORE DIFFICULT TO MANAGE than 13 regular kids with 5 special needs kids mixed in. Maybe you should spend time in each room just observing before you decide.