Wednesday, August 15, 2007

a bunch o' stuff

We love the stroller --it's wheels, in particular. We love pushing the stroller fast as we run away from mommy in the parking lot. We love pushing the stroller into furniture and the walls. We love pushing the stroller up to the front door, opening the front door, and blasting off in the general direction of mommy's car. The love for the stroller is so strong, in fact, that up until this point, nothing--not even the esteemed Ducky--was actually permitted to sit in the stroller. If any attempt was made to "take baby for a walk," baby was promptly picked up by her skull with one hand and chucked across the room. "No!" OOOKAAYYY. Sorry. And then, as evidenced by the above picture, he decided, "It's time I stopped this foolishness about riding in the stroller. It's much more efficient to push the stroller with my beloved Woody doll inside of it than to struggle to bring both toys out to the car. Or, heaven forbid, leave one of them at home. I'll just take Woody and place him gently in the seat so I can take him for a nice jaunt." RANDOM. But a big step in play skills. Go Punkin! He's looking at his shadow. He follows his shadow everywhere it goes. He bends down to admire his shadow. He even chases his shadow in circles. Woody must like his shadow, too.
Went to the genetics clinic and talked to them about the weird episodes I was calling night terrors. They are concerned he may actually be having seizures, so we are being referred to a neurologist. We are being referred to a behavior clinic as well.
My fab b-day present from Sarah. It says, "Alaska. A big moosesteak." HA! I am wearing this to all of my Pampered Chef shows.
Check out the new (to me) TV. I think that's Vanessa Williams. I don't know why she doesn't have any hair. Maybe to match the baby?

So....the only other exciting news is that someone backed into my car at work. But I do not feel awful or really upset, because the damage was really mild. And it dulls in comparison to the time some kids pushed my friend Sarah's car from her driveway into the street with their truck. (Is that how it went???) Anyway, the damage was extensive. I just have some paint missing and part of the bumper is loose. Plus the Toyota symbol fell out. I really wish it hadn't, cause a Toyota without a Toyota symbol looks silly. There's a big hole in the front. Anyway, the person backed into it and then drove away. But a co-worker got the plates, and I called the police. I filed a report with them and am waiting to hear back.

And the church newsletter is done, but the results were a bit deflating. So many things to learn!
But it's done! Whew! No big "moosesteaks"!


Sarah said...

i am glad you like the present! i saw it and thought you might need a fantastic apron to wear. :)

and that is basically how it went with my car, poor elroy will never be quite the same!

i keep meaning to call, but you know, what with the 15-hour work days...i don't even know what day it is anymore!

i love you!

tall guy said...

I thought the newsletter was good.

Anonymous said...

e-mail the lady at my church who does our communications work. she is willing to give you some help/advice via e-mail.


Jennie said...

You are so cute and funny. I LOVE that the man has mastered the art of giving rides in the stroller. So smart! I really hope he's not having seizures, though - that would be awful. Love you both!

Andrea said...

I absolutely love the photo of Punkin and Woody looking at their shadows. It would win photo contests I'm sure. The timing must have been perfect. So Cute. I'm sorry to hear about the seizures. Medication can help I'm sure... if that is what it is. Hope all is well with you. Take care and I'm glad you're back :)

FXSmom said...

ugh...i hate when people to that stuff to a vehicle. Rude rude rude!!

You're newsletter skills will get there. Expect a few complaints from those who like it the old way. Experience talking!! Just don't take it personal...they'll get used to your flair eventually and realize it is so much better your way :)

Peggy said...

Love the shadow pics. Hope the doctor stuff goes okay. Hang in there!

w-huff said...

I love the shadow pic. as well. You have a little Christopher Robin there!
Good luck with the doctor.