Tuesday, August 7, 2007

can't say i miss the preschoolers

I wish I had video of a few things. First, me and Punkin jumping on the huge trampoline in my aunt and uncle's backyard. Limbs were flying, hair was a mess, lots of giggling. I would start jumping on it while both of us were standing, and then he would of course fall down right away, so I would jump up and land on my butt so we'd both go flying. So funny.
Second, Punkin's reaction to all of the people who arrived yesterday. He was c-r-a-z-y! Running in circles, throwing his sippy cup, laughing, playing peek-a-boo, climbing on the couch, sitting at the table and taking exactly one bite of food, yelling "Woody! Woody!" and "Ball! Ball!" He was nuts. He asked to go to bed two times --and I put him to bed--but he was so gosh darn worried about all the people and the movies and the food--that he kept getting up. Finally at about 8:30 he lost all his steam and gave up.

And I guess that's the third thing I'd love you to see--his reaction when he sees his bed at the end of a long day. He makes the "o" face and just falls into the pillow. With Ducky carefully laid out on top of the orange triangle so that his little chubby cheek can rest on it. (Miss him, much, Oma???)

Which leads me to another important discovery: One does not need to bring the entire pillow, only the extra special pillow case. At least while he's young, I can get away with this bit of trickery.


Oh, so of course the Age of Love guy chose the 25 year old. I didn't watch it, but a little birdie told me. Not shocked.

I guess I didn't explain that I am at my aunt and uncles for a big ol' family reunion. I've been here a couple days, but everybody else came yesterday. And today we are headed to a resort for some serious relaxation. There's mini-golf! Little Man's taking a nap--3 hours yesterday! Best toddler ever! Here's some pics to make you jealous. =)


Kristiem10 said...

It worked. I am jealous. Sounds like you are having a great time! Good for you.

Liz said...

That sounds like a lot of fun, and the resort looks AWESOME! I AM super jealous.

Andrea said...

Looks like lots of fun. I'm so happy that you make it a priority to get away :) That is sooo important. Luvs.

Anonymous said...

I do miss Punkin ( you too) and I am extremely jealous that I am not with the clan. They have to plan the reunion when I have to go back to work, oooohh:(

Have fun
Love ya,

Punkin's Oma

Jennie said...

Not jealous, just SOOOOO happy that the man responded well to all that new stimulation! He is the most wonderful baby ever.

w-huff said...

I'm happy you got away! We need to have a friends reunion too! If Katherine comes out this fall to see her little sister who is starting Cornell do you think you'd drive over for a visit?