Wednesday, August 29, 2007

dop it! i no like dat! dop!

I feel like a big whiner right now. He keeps not following directions! The directions are: go to sleep. That's it. Simple one-stepper. WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT?!? My mom says it's payback. My mom is not very nice or very sympathetic sometimes. Like when she told me that cats smell bad so I couldn't have one. (Ah, I'm just teasing, Oma! Wouldn't wanna lose my spot as The Good Daughter.) But, for real, why must we fight so hard? He needs to sleep, I need him to sleep. Doesn't seem tricky to me.
In other news, I saw The Biggest Creepy-Crawliest Spider Ever in our PK room today. Good thing Katie was there to smoosh him.
Also, 49 days until I see Boo, Lion, Dorok, and Birkel for The Big Day when someone who shall remain anyonymous will no longer be a Birkel. EEEKKK!
AND, I am definitely doing the church newsletter thing again. Good times. ("Good Times, Great Oldies, Kool 101.3!" I can't help it. It's a disEASE! Always have to tie it back to a commercial.)
Gonna hafta get the ice cream now.
MMMM. Moose Tracks. Mini Peanut Butter Cups. Chocolate swirls. Right out of the carton with an oversized spoon cause I'm a lady and that's how we ladies operate.
Guess what I'm watching, Jennie. Lemmie give ya a hint: Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh DUH. In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups.... Don't know? Should I call you and sing it to you? Maybe that will help you remember. Definitely should sing it to you.
The ice cream is gone. (pouts)
Am I actually talking about anything? I won't be winning any literary awards tonight, that's for sure.
OOOHH--I learned a new word playing Crickler. Pecuniary. Having to do with money. I guess a little computer time can make you smarter.
And, get this. Little Man said, "I want you, Mom" loud and clear. AAAAHHHHHHH! Of course today he said, "Doo too too, Mom."
He looks so sweet when he's sleeping.


Anonymous said...

Hey--I read this you know--
not nice? I'll remember that one.
And cats do smell.

w-huff said...

I love Law & Order too! I like Det. Gorem from Criminal Intent. I also loved Lenny Briscoe till he died. I miss him. He reminded me of my own cop dad.

Anonymous said...

Who's the good daughter?

Anonymous said...

Hey! Cats do NOT smell...Tell Oma I'll remember her comments the next time she wants to come see me.

Kristiem10 said...

Ok. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. A little secret called Melatonin. You can pick some up at GNC. Crush up a 1mg tablet, and put it in Punkin's drink before bed. It helps. It does. I have talked to 2 fragile X doctors about it, and the boys' ped. as well. It is safe. Try it. Thank me later.

Jennie said...

I love Lenny Briscoe too. You guys ever see the one with the polyester jacket where they go nab the dude playing basketball on the playground? The best. And whenever the newer one is on, I always stop to watch "Eggar" work his magic. (Remember him from Men In Black?) OH I miss you so much, my wonderful little e-bear. I shuddered when I read about the spider. Guess we will have to take Raid with us too, right girls?

FXSmom said...

How sweet that he said that!!

Liz said...

Yeah! I get to see Erika and Dorok and Sarah and Laura and Katie and whoever else makes it out! I'm so excited!!!!!