Tuesday, August 21, 2007

meanwhile i am sweating like a man

I got a lesson in good manners today. Little Man was in his carseat eating some Goldfish crackers. I asked him, "Can I have one?" He took one (out of his mouth) and held it by his face. "Peaz." I conceded, "please." He gave me the fish. Seriously. How cool is that? He totally took something that his teacher and I do with him every day and turned the tables on us. He applied an old concept in a new way. Other times when I have said, "Can I have one please?" he has just repeated "please" and kept eating. We are moving forward! Sometimes it seems slow, but we are moving.

My mom talked me into going to an LWML picnic tonight. Even though it is 125 degrees outside with 93 percent humidity (or something). I even brought our "dish to pass." Okay, I bought some noodle salad at the grocery store and put some cheese slices on a platter with some crackers. Did I mention it was HOT today? So we went to this little park. Punkin attacked the slide right away. Then came the disaster that was dinner. Let's just say MY pants are now sitting with detergent on them, and he went home shirtless. Speghetti sauce everywhere. He turned his lemonade cup upside down and shook it all over both of us. I think that was the real low point. Did I mention it was a little WARM outside during this fiasco? Oh, and I never told you about the gross-out diaper I had to change in the sweltering HEAT. We went home early.

Today was "cry and hit myself in the head whenever anybody requests anything of me" day. I HATE that day. It's a little annoying. Walking, dressing, undressing, waiting, sitting, standing, sitting on the potty--I'm just too demanding! Today was also, "make mommy tear up" day. Cause not only did he teach me to say please, but he spontaneously said, "bye mom!" when I dropped him off at school. Two words together is big. Two understandable words is bigger. Two words where one of them is mom just makes me melt.

On a completely different note, I need to speak out for pregnant women everywhere and say, "Stop commenting on my body!" Poor Haley has been dealing with strangers--STRANGERS--coming up to her and labeling her "way too big" and telling her she'll "never make it" to her due date. I mean, do pregnant women go up to non-pregnant women and announce to them that they have double chins or that their butt looks big in those pants or they'll never make it to middle-aged because of those french fries they're eating? Seriously. How rude! (Go Stephanie Tanner.) And Haley is such a fabulous lady who is very healthy and an excellent mommy. Everyone carries their babies differently. Just deal, general public. Just deal. Tell the preggo ladies they look glowing and healthy and that you love their new green shirt. Or just smile and look at them like a person and not a mommy, just for a minute. It will make their day.

Check out Kristie's post today. It is about Schmolland. It's funny and sweet. And I love the "schma" thing. Started in college. Along with McGillicutty-isms such as Slutty McGillicutty. And then there were the Mc's A Lots like Hottie McHots A Lot. Gotta love college vernacular.
I heart you,
Schmerika, aka: the other lion


Kristiem10 said...

Aww, Punkin is reminding his mama to use her manners! Progress, indeed! And saying, "Bye, Mom" is great. I do hate the "hit yourself on the head when anything is asked of you" days. We have them too.

Jennie said...

Soooooo cute! I know that probably sounds tedious by now, but my GOD! he just amazes me all the time. You do too. Hope today is better.

PS: I concur about not harassing the mommies-to-be or mommies-to-be-again. Don't you think they're already overemotional/physically uncomfortable/cranky enough without you bugging them?

Anonymous said...

Okay, it was HOT, but everybody loved it that you and Punkin were there.
The lemonade and water dumping were pretty funny, especially since he wanted to get naked.

You are an awesome mom.

love ya,
your mom