Monday, August 27, 2007

one down, one to go

This fly has been one of a pair buzzing around my teensy apartment for 2 weeks. He must have been exhausted watching Punkin race around and decided to take an extended rest. And now, me 1, fly 0. Now for his friend........ My parents used to have an electric fly swatter. It was the coolest thing ever. BBZZZAAAPPP! No more bug.


Anonymous said...

We still have it. You can use it, but you must return it.


FXSmom said...

I remember those electric fly swatters. I never see them anymore. I'm jealous you even get to borrow one ;0)

Anonymous said...

I have one, too. Megan bought two actually. One for her and one for me.
She thinks it's the MOST genius thing EVER invented. :)
Found it on
They have everything!
Love, Aunt Kim

Kristiem10 said...

Ewww! That is a gross picture. But, I hate the buzzing flies. So, I am glad you smushed it.

Jennie said...

Yucky pic. But congrats! The honey's parents gave everyone one of those last year for Christmas-in-July. You can have ours if you want! The boys immediately started swatting each other with them. And the youngest one is 30!!!!!