Friday, August 17, 2007

preschool funnies

Me with 3 year-old girl in the bathroom during potty-training. There is a sign above the toilet that says UP and has an arrow pointing up, reminding the boys to lift the seat before they pee.
Girl: What dat say? Dat A?
Me: No. That's U. U, P."
Girl: You pee?
Me: U,P. They are letters. It spells up. U, P.
Girl: You pee? I pee? I pee in toilet!
Teacher in background: Snicker snicker snicker.

Cuddly little round 3 year old boy to the teacher: You da princess, I Shrek.

Same boy with teacher: You gettin' married?
Teacher: Ya, I'm getting married.
Boy: You marry me?
Teacher: No, I'm gonna marry Matt.
Boy: Oh. You marry me later?

Teacher to UP girl: Get your head out of the trash can! (Seriously. Her head was in the can and her butt was in the air.)

Me to same UP girl: Why are you standing on the toilet? Get off of the toilet!

Today, during our craft. I'm chatting away about something unimportant, and I decide to have a seat on one of our tables. "OH! OKAY! I sat in the paint!" It was yellow paint. I was wearing black pants. I had a bee butt cheek. It's okay. You can laugh.


Haley-O said...

Kids do say the darndest things! ;) SO FUNNY!!!!!!

Kristiem10 said...

That is funny!

w-huff said...

I understand that trash can thing! I fell in one when I was in fourth grade. I was always VERY short! Kid's say the cutest things.I love that Shrek comment!