Sunday, August 19, 2007

wanna come over for dinner?

Appetizing, huh? Dinner is the time of the day when I feel the most helpless. I don't know where to begin with teaching table manners. I suppose I should start with "stay in your seat." When that's conquered I move on to "don't stand on your chair." Then "don't spill your milk on purpose and then ask for more." And, "don't throw your food on the floor." Lastly, "don't take food out of your mouth after you've chewed it." Just think, if this is how bad the floor looks, imagine the appearance of the child who created the mess.

On a different note, Punkin likes people to copy him. Probably because people are always asking him to do stuff! So he'll say "dance" or "freeze" and expect everyone in the room to follow suit. Lately he's started saying "legs out" and then spreading his legs apart, sometimes to the point of falling over. It's pretty amusing. On vacation all of my relatives asked me, "why?" The official answer is, "I have no idea!" I even asked his teacher. She has no idea either. It's a mystery.


Anonymous said...

LOL. I was hoping you would have an answer to the "legs out" mystery.
Can't help you too much with the eating/manners. Robert has always been a pretty tidy diner. I did always give him a spoon and a napkin but that may not be much help with punkin. It will probably end up being a maturation thing with him.
By the the new clothes! Not at all plain!
Love you! Aunt Kim

VAIL said...

I don't know about maturity helping keep things neat at the table! Mine are 12, 10, and 5 and somedays it still looks like a tornado hit after we finish dinner.

Jennie said...

so cute! see, he's already well on his way to a successful presidency. maybe will be the next president to serve four terms?

Kristiem10 said...

Blake constantly takes chewed up food out of his mouth. It is really gross when he re-eats it. Both of my kids issue commands that they expect everyone to follow. Drew orders me to scratch my arms in the mornings, and Eric has to rub his eyes and throw his forarm across his forehead while saying, "Gotta get up...." The orders get more complicated as they get older. Drew used to be satisfied with making us clap or dance.

FXSmom said...

It'll happen. The floor used to always look like this after Matt ate. We used to go to restaurants and I'd feel so bad for the waitresses that I'd actually offer to clean it up if they would bring me the stuff.

Matt is now 11 and we occasionally have him spit chewed up food out but the floor is 100% cleaner!!