Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ith's my birfday an i can'th theel my thoungue

Such a blonde. The day started out with me attempting to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to bring to school for lunch. I thought, "This jelly looks kinda runny." That's cause it was ketchup. (My ketchup bottle and my strawberry jelly bottle look the same, if that helps justify....)
Then, on the way to school, I noticed that Punkin's shoes were on the wrong feet.
THEN, as if it couldn't get worse, I got into my car at my mom's school (I helped her with her book fair this evening--'cause I'm the good daugher) with my friender Laura. She goes, "Why does it smell in here?"
I stopped, "I don't know...it's bad."
"Like bread...that's fermenting."
I turned around in my seat, "OHMYYOUHAVEGOTTOBEKIDDINGME. Look." It was my garbage. In the backseat. I had taken it with me when I left Punkin with the respite worker, and I forgot to throw it in the dumpster on the way out! GROSS!
But all in all it was a fabulous day. It's my mom's birthday today, and we went out (while Punkin had respite) with mutual friends for dinner. She ordered a quessadilla (sp???) that was a BIT spicy. Hence the title of the post. Very fun times.
AND Punkin asked the respite worker to go potty! Go PUNKIN!


Anonymous said...

It is so awesome that David is asking and using the potty. I think Robert was over 4 years before he would do it. We had quite the celebration when he finally pooped in the toilet for the first time (over 4 1/2). Probably more than you wanted to know about your cousin but it was a big deal since I had three in diapers at the same time...
Glad you had fun with your Mom on her birthday. Wish I could have been there!
Love, Aunt Kim

Kristiem10 said...

That is amazing that he is asking to go potty. Blake is 4 and still doesn't ask to go potty.

I love you! I would totally leave my garbage in the car all day. We sound so much alike sometimes.

Happy Birthday Oma!

Derek said...
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Jennie said...

YAY Potty Man!

FXSmom said...

If the smell seems to stay in your car I learned that Febreze works wonders getting it out...cuz I've been there and done that...lmao

Laura said...

Happy birthday to your mom! Yay for Punkin and how smart and sweet he is!

Alice said...

Go Punkin! Don't feel bad. I had a friend leave her garbage in her trunk for a day or two once. The garbage was left over from some guests that had stayed at her house. The worst part is that the garbage included dirty diapers. Her mom had asked her to take the garbage to work to put in their dumpster since the diapers were super smelly. Even though I didn't mention her name, she would kill me for sharing this story!

d. said...

Ah, but did he get nekkid for the respite worker? ;)

Also, ketchup? That's so, so disgusting.