Saturday, September 8, 2007

i heart saturdays

My, my Mr. Potato Head. What a big nose you have. He got this out all by himself and put it together all by himself, too.
I can't wait until he's tall enough to use the real vacuum.
Proud boy with a proud mama.

He has being doing more imitative play lately. He always imitates, but it's immediately after seeing something or because he's asked. This is stuff he's observed and then copied much later. Like pretending to be a little teacher. He "sorts" pattern blocks or duplos, saying, "yeyow" and "boo." Then he spits out unintelligible sentences in a teacher voice. And the other day, his teacher was doing a finger play with some little paper frogs. She had to get up to answer the phone, and when she came back he was sitting in her spot trying to lead the class!

We had a very low-key, but busy, day of staying at home. We went out only for apples (he kept asking for them) and diapers (stupid school won't provide them). Some M&Ms also jumped into the cart.

I took a video with my digital camera of him playing, and I accidentally left it on when he asked to sit on the potty. I was so excited! It totally picked us up clapping and hooray-ing in the bathroom. He's been asking me to go more often. I think he realizes it too late, so then he only has to go a little bit. He comes up and lifts his shirt up and very urgently says, "Shirt! please!" For some reason he insists on being naked when he goes potty. Very funny. Especially today when he ended up on the potty with only his shoes and socks on!


Derek said...

That's not so unusual. I, for one, infinitely prefer taking to the potty in my birthday suit.

FXSmom said...

ya know once he is because enough for the real vaccuum it just won't be cool anymore mom :(